Don’t Ditch Your Lunch time!

Don’t Ditch Your Lunch time!

Come on, while you always think about breakfast and dinner, it is time that you think about lunch time. Lunch time has to be an unforgettable meal; after all you do require a nice break no matter at work or even at home.  But then again, not every one of you has the ease and luxury of cooking delicious meals right? Well, hang on, don’t be so generic. If you really want your lunch to be vibrant and satisfying then you must give it a thought.

Indeed there are plenty of lip-smacking food items and recipes that can make your lunch time memorable and energetic. For example, talking about one such dish like Kara kulambu, it is one of the most cherished and relished lunch time dish of many people. The dish includes plenty of spices and the gravy can be as rich as you want it to be. The most exciting thing is that this eatable is loved by everyone irrespective of age.

Do you love vegies? Well if that is the case then you can prepare them the South Indian way to. Of course, you can try out South Indian dishes for your meals.  Just use the ingredients such as curry leaves, mustard seeds, tamarind, and grated coconut and so on. You know that these brinjal, v beans, sprouts and cabbage are generally featuredin South Indian lunch list. If you are a meat lover then you can munch on flavourful curries and stews. When talking about south Indian food then how about having a peep into some of the South Indian lunches below? Exactly, go ahead and have a look and who knows you find some of the best choices for your daily lunch!

Tamarind Rice

This is an absolutely tangy rice eatable that is prepared with urad, channa dal. It is infused with the savour of tamarind pulp. One can relish it with pickle and papad   on the side.  Many people also know this dish with the name of Puliyodharai in Tamil language. Once you taste this dish, you are going to find it light, tasty and fulfilling.

Malabar Fish Biryani

In Malabar this eatable is prepared with kaima rice that is a short grain slightly flavoured.  This is also known as the popular biryani rice of Kerala.  Such a classic and tangy Malabar Fish Biryani can be consumed at all times. Many people munch on it during lunch time while others crave for this dish during dinner times. So, you must not skip to experience the rich taste of this flavoured dish.

Mango Kuzhambu

Are you a mango lover? If yes then why not try out this one? Exactly, it is a tasty, simple and convenient to prepare Kara Kuzhambu dish. It is made using ripe mangoes.  This eatable is extremely popular during the time of summer season and in some portions of Tamil Nadu, the dish is best served with hot and crispy rice.

So, when are you going to try out these lunch options? Come on, you can dive deeper into any cuisine and find something or the other for your lunch time.

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