Don’t Ignore Car Indoor Air Pollution: Its a Silent Killer

Don’t Ignore Car Indoor Air Pollution: Its a Silent Killer

Your car travels miles within the city and outside. Each time you take it out for a drive, the air pollution outside affects cabin air quality. Pollutants are introduced from the outside air and tend to settle within the indoors of your car. When you sit in your car, these pollutants affect you as you breathe in the polluted air. Don’t ignore car indoor air pollution; even though it may sound like a simple problem, this kind of pollution turns out to be a silent killer. In fact, it could have long-term health hazards and it is best to deal with it rather than ignore.

How It Occurs?

When you enter your car cabin, you may have experienced a peculiar smell inside. This smell mostly comes from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Sometimes these VOCs also result in some form of greasy fog that you may see on your car’s windshield. While it could sound shocking, it’s true that your car may contain nearly 100 chemicals some of which could even be poisonous. There could also be various particulate matter that comes from car brakes and other interior components. All these blends with the air inside the car because of constant exposure to urban pollution.

Impact of Car Air Pollution

The occupants are the most impacted due to car air pollution. Car fans tend to suck in all the pollutants such as fumes that are generated by other vehicles on the road. This directly affects the backside of the car. Such poor car air quality could result in serious health issues such as asthma. Sometimes, it could have adverse effects on children impacting their concentration levels. With urban metro cities such as Delhi experiencing rising pollution levels, there is an alarming rate of increase in health issues. Even when you are comfortably seated in your car, you are sure to be impacted with such hazardous pollution levels.

Using Car Air Purifiers

Tackling indoor car air pollution could be easy if you have installed a car air purifier. A good quality and latest car air purifier generally come with HEPA filters that help in eliminating particulate matter and other harmful gases that affect the indoor car air quality. A car air purifier, which has carbon filters, helps to neutralize and sometimes even eliminate any unpleasant odours present in the car. One of the key benefits that you can experience from using a car air purifier is that it can operate without making much noise, so you can enjoy peace while you drive. With multiple stages of air purification, car air purifiers can ensure safe air for breathing inside the car.

Considering the rising levels and impact of pollution today, it makes sense to invest in a good quality car air purifier. It can have multi-fold returns on investment, especially when it comes to maintaining good health. Apart from a car air purifier, you must ensure that appropriate hygiene levels are maintained in the car so that pollutants that tend to stick to the car interiors can be avoided.

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