Easy Remedies to prevent heartburn and GERD

Easy Remedies to prevent heartburn and GERD

Acid Reflux or Heartburn is a very unpleasant feeling inside the chest which creates a burning sensation that rises to the neck. The heartburn usually occurs when the stomach acid backs up to the esophagus which gives a feeling of a small bonfire lit in your chest. If the heartburn is frequently bothering you for a stretch of two weeks, may be it is the indication to consult a doctor. Frequent heartburns may lead to long term problems like the condition of gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD and in some rare cases it leads to cancer.

The heartburn can be cured with the help of medications but there are some natural acid reflux remedies and change in lifestyle habits which can give some relief from the gastronomic problems.

Aim for Weight Loss

Heartburn is a condition which can happen to anyone but GERD is specifically prevalent to people with excessive weight. The fat in the abdominal area causes pressure on the stomach which increases the risk of stomach acid going back to the esophagus causing heartburn.

The overweight people should focus on starting a weight loss plan which will help in avoiding the symptoms of heartburn. People who are already having a healthy weight must focus on maintaining it by eating healthy and doing exercise.

Know about the foods to avoid

A person should avoid eating trigger foods le tomato based products, high fat foods, fried foods, citrus fruit juices, soda, caffeine etc. to fight the symptoms of GERD. Limiting these few food items may help you experience few symptoms.

Sleep a little later after the meal

Intake of smaller amount food will result in less pressure on the stomach and helps in avoiding heartburn. It is also advised to avoid lying just after eating the meal because it triggers heartburn. The doctors recommend to wait atleast 2-3 hours after eating and try to elevate your head with few pillows to avoid nighttime heartburn.

Maintain a healthy diet

To maintain a healthy diet it is necessary to eliminate all the trigger food items and incorporate foods enriched with proteins and less fat. The food items with protein fibre will decrease the symptoms of heartburn and prevent overeating. You can also chew a non-mint gum to produce saliva in the mouth and keep away the acid from esophagus.

Quit smoking

Smoking is another major cause of heartburn as it weakens the muscles which prevents from backing up of the stomach acid. The weak muscles will make the heartburn a frequent comeback thus to avoid that it’s time to quit smoking.  Smoking will also cause a major blockage in the diagnosis of GERD and heartburn. Quitting of smoking will make you feel better and make your treatment easier.

Wear Loose Clothes

You may have to give away your tight-fit clothes if you’re experiencing the symptoms of GERD. Tight clothes may increase the acid reflux occurrences in your body. They create an unnecessary pressure on the abdomen area which increases the risk of heartburn.

These are some of the best acid reflux remedies which will help you to decrease the risk of heartburn and GERD. Just a few changes in your diet and daily lifestyle will give you a problem free digestive system.

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