Employee Health: The Deciding Factor for Organizational Success

Employee Health: The Deciding Factor for Organizational Success

The success of a business depends on the collaboration of financial, physical, and human resources. The effective management of human resources is one of the vital issues among employers. A business can excel only when its employees are productive and active; it’s only achieved when your employees are healthy and fit. It is, thus, convincing that employee health is the sole factor determining your organizational success.

Having sound health is an epitome of balanced physical, social, and emotional development. A healthy being is productive at work and influences positivity in society. To lead a healthy lifestyle, one must follow a routine of good hygiene, a healthy diet, and physical activity.

Workplace wellness deals with similar aspects of health within an organization. It focuses on how an employee interprets his work and its environment. If an employee feels valued and cared for his work, he will likely be more job satisfied, which helps in employee retention. Hence practicing health culture is an essential factor for employers to maintain organizational wellbeing.

How Healthy Employees Benefit Your Organization?

Healthy Employees Benefit

Simply being at work feeling unproductive and unmotivated will take a massive toll on your organizational growth. This act of presenteeism for the sake of doing a job has negative impacts on the employee’s health and the work environment.

A study by Harvard Business Review reveals that lost productivity due to presenteeism costs over $150 billion per year. Rise of health costs and workplace health hazards are driving employers to adopt various measures. The health promotion activities foster a holistic workplace that includes the emotional, financial, and wellness needs of your employees.

Workplace health helps in many ways, but here I have enlisted the top 5 reasons to give you a glimpse of having a healthy workforce.

Lower Absenteeism Rate

Employees who participate in health promotional activities are less prone to health issues. A significant decrease in the rate of absenteeism directly impacts the organization’s growth. Employees are not merely present, but they are more focused and productive at work.

A decline in Health Risks

Inactivity for a more extended period always harms lifestyle. Some jobs require their employee to sit for long hours. This affects the employees’ lifestyle, which may lead to elevated health risks.

Opting for employee wellness programs keeps a regular check on employee health. It helps in detecting high-risk diseases early, which in turn saves costs and time of your business.

Improve Mental Health

Considering the competition, a massive surge in cases of stress and anxiety is prevailing in the corporate world. Work burnouts force the employees to do job turnover every year.

Employers who recognize the issues and introduce health initiatives like meditation, yoga, or one to one sessions with a health coach can improve mental health.

Reduce Health Care Costs

Employers who want to provide healthcare initiatives at work are more concerned about the increased costs. They are finding new ways to cut down health costs, which introduced the concepts of enrolling in corporate meditation.

These programs are customized according to the health requirements of the employees. Employees who actively participate are rewarded with incentives. Reports say that wellness programs have increased participation and improved the health of the employees. This saved personal and business health care costs to a great extent.

Elevate Employee Engagement

Organizing various activities like walkathons, sports events, health fairs, and weight loss challenges gives your employees a holistic approach to choosing a healthy life. It also creates healthy competition among employees, which encourages each employee to give their best performance. The activities act as a catalyst in engaging a team and elevate employee morale.

How to Keep Employees Healthy At Workplace?

Engaging Wellness Campaign

Every wellness program promotes healthy habits through various activities. Employers can promote these programs through well-crafted wellness campaigns and challenges. Wellness campaigns are a series of events done with a clear purpose of achieving sound body and mind. There are various ways an employer can promote wellness, but the most convenient method includes technology.

Vantage Fit is a one-stop solution for health and wellness from Vantage Circle. It comes with advanced features that track the performances in real-time. Employers can create customized campaigns fostering hassle-free workplace engagements.

Introducing Healthy Alternatives

Snacking sugary foods and caffeine at the canteen leads to obesity that may result in high heart diseases and diabetes.

Employers can educate their employees to make healthy snack choices in the workplace. Canteens should have health drinks like fruit juices, vegetable juices, green tea instead of coffee or soft drinks, and probiotics like yogurt and salads. Employers may also provide them coupons for taking healthy snacks or can give free subscriptions to a gym.

Effective Employee Communication

Having clear communication is a prime factor in keeping your workplace engaged in wellness programs. Employees need to know that they are being heard; thus, paying attention and valuing their emotions related to the job will elevate their morale. The introduction of proper feedback sessions in your workplace will mitigate the communication gap and improve your workplace.


Encouraging wellness among employees is imperative for your organization. This will expand your business and help your employees thrive at their job. Healthy employees will fall less sick and will reduce absenteeism. They will be less prone to high-risk diseases, which will save a massive amount of healthcare costs.

Participating in wellness activities will build a team spirit; these engagements will help them relax from work and improve mental health. Employers may check out ways to communicate better with their employees. They can observe their employees and chart out a wellness program based on their likes and dislikes.

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