Enhance Your Flexibility With These 4 Ashtanga Yoga Poses

Enhance Your Flexibility With These 4 Ashtanga Yoga Poses

Ashtanga is known as the purest and the most challenging form of yoga. This yoga form has long sequences of poses with Vinyasa. Idle lifestyle leads to stiffness in the muscles, which creates discomfort and difficulty in moving. When you involve yourself in Ashtanga yoga: it makes your body do continuous movement and helps you in stretching and strengthening the muscles. This yoga form improves your flexibility and syncs your breathing with your muscles, which results in a flexible body and stress-free lifestyle. Here are some highly beneficial yoga poses to improve your flexibility. Keep reading!

Warrior lll

Warrior lll

This pose increases flexibility by strengthening your whole body and helps in improving the balance as well as concentration.

How to do:

  • Stand straight with your legs slightly open.
  • Put your whole weight on your left leg and lift your arms up through your ears.
  • Keep your arms straight, join your fingers, and look upward.
  • Uplift your right foot and gradually move it backward meanwhile move your trunk forward and align your hands, trunk, and leg in a straight line.
  • To keep the balance, focus on the fingertip or your foot.
  • Hold it for at least 5 to 6 breaths then gradually come to normal position. Try with the other side as well.

Garland pose:

Garland Pose

This yoga pose helps in improving your posture and reduce the bad effects of stiffness like rigid hips, back pain, slow metabolism, poor digestive system, and paunch.

How to do:

  • Stand straight and bring your legs out a little bit. Turn your feet out of about 45 degrees.
  • Sit in a squat position and try to keep your heels away from the floor.
  • After that, put your hands in the prayer pose and touch your elbows on the inner part of your thighs.
  • Make sure you sit with a straight spine and rotate your pelvis inward.
  • Hold this for at least 5 breaths. After that, come to normal position.

Wheel pose:

Wheel pose

This pose helps in decreasing high blood pressure and heart rate and improves your breathing ability. This yoga pose is highly beneficial for arms, shoulder muscles, and thigh muscles. You may practice it more by going for a meditation retreat in Thailand to add health benefits in it and rejuvenate yourself.

How to do:

  • Lie down on your back with your arms on your side and bend the knees.
  • Start by lifting your hands, after that bend them backward, and place on each side of your head. Make sure your fingers must be pointing towards the toe and bent your elbows towards the ceiling.
  • After that bring both of your feet closer to your hips.
  • Now push up your trunk and pelvis and make the shape of the wheel.

Halasana (plow pose):


There are amazing health benefits available from Halasana. It gives a good stretch to your spine and shoulder. It also works on your thyroid gland. It reduces fatigue, anxiety, and stress. You may go for a Yoga retreat in Thailand for rejuvenating health benefits.

How to:

  • Lie on your back and place your arms beside your body facing downwards.
  • Take a breath and raise your feet off the ground by using your abdominal muscles. Keep them on the 90-degree angle.
  • You may use your hands to support and lift your hips above the floor.
  • After that, move your feet to a 180-degree angle and place your toes over your hands.
  • Keep your back horizontal to the ground.
  • Focus on your breaths and try holding this position for a minute.

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