How Experienced Dentist Camberwell Can Replace Your Missing Tooth Perfectly

How Experienced Dentist Camberwell Can Replace Your Missing Tooth Perfectly

Unfortunately, many of us lose a tooth or two in an accident or due to aging. But the good news is that finest Dentist Camberwell now can replace these missing teeth easily and efficiently. Let’s look at the details below.

Missing teeth can be quite troublesome as it hinders our day to day routine. Also, it affects your overall health, visual appeal, and confidence. But there are some unique and advanced techniques with which you can get that bright smile back. Yes, luckily bridges, dentures, and implants are three key assets cosmetic dentistry uses to replace missing teeth.

There are a plethora of varieties in which you can find dental implants and bridges to cover up space and make up for your lost tooth. However, Dentist Camberwell has some of the most amazing techniques where they leverage different types of implants, bridges, and dentures to fill the blank area. Let’s look at each one of these in detail:

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1. Dental Implants: The Best Alternative For Replacing Single Missing Tooth

Here, dental experts insert an artificial tooth root and place it on the jawbone which in turn gives needed support to the crown, denture, or bridge. These implants can be a bit costly but are considered as the best option for people who have lost one or more teeth due to an accident or any other oral health issue.

You won’t need to spend much time maintaining dental implants as these are extremely sturdy and lasting. However, it requires patients to undergo surgery and pay multiple visits to the dentist in order to make it work. But implants will make you feel more natural and there will be no discomfort when smiling, brushing, chewing, etc.

The success rate of dental implants varies from one patient to another. But on average this procedure has a success rate of up to 98%. The dental implant is one technique which can provide you with a robust foundation for supporting a removable or fixed tooth.

2. Bridges: Believed To Be A Perfect Fit For Reinstating Several Missing Teeth

Basically, these bridges comprise artificial or false teeth which are merged with a frame that could be made up of metal. The bridge can be fixed in your mouth and there is no risk of it coming out. It’s considered as the best solution to replace a missing tooth which has two teeth on either side.

Getting bridges fixed is a shorter procedure in comparison to getting dental implants. But still, you need to visit the Dentist Camberwell a few times. Professional dentists trim down the teeth either side of the lost tooth and make them in sync with each other.

Bridges come in multiple types such as a tooth-supported fixed bridge, resin-bonded bridge, implant-supported fixed bridge, etc. The composition and purpose of these different bridges could differ but they all have an ultimate objective to replace the missing teeth.

Maintaining bridges is also not extremely difficult but one thing which must be taken care of is proper cleaning and hygiene. Otherwise, food particles might get accumulated underneath the bridges which in turn can cause decay or cavities.

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3. Dentures: The Dental Products That Facilitate Seamless Eating, Laughing, & Speaking

Dentures are removable replacement of missing teeth and are available in varied types. Getting these dental products fixed in your mouth can make you feel and look the best. Your dental expert can choose a denture depending on the condition and surrounding of your missing teeth.

For example, in case you are missing your front teeth, removable partial dentures could be the best choice for you which can be worn during the day.

Also, there are flippers which are called temporary dentures meant to be a short-term solution to a tooth which is lost. Moreover, complete dentures are full-coverage that replaces an entire arch of missing teeth.

Dentures could be the best solution to replace missing teeth but you have to be extremely cautious when taking care of them. Make sure to wear and remove these products carefully and follow all the instructions given by your dental expert. Also, don’t do any experiment with your dentures and stick with the ground rules for maintaining and cleaning them.

Which Alternative Would Be The Perfect Fit To Replace Your Missing Teeth?

Well, it’s a tricky one to ask as there is no one method that works the same with each and every individual. But it depends on a major factor which is the number of teeth needing replacement. Also, your budget could be another factor which might have an impact on replacement options.

What Are The Major Perks Of Teeth Replacement?

Believe us, teeth replacement can give you multiple perks which contribute to your overall as well as oral health. Let’s look at some of these perks in brief:

I. Missing teeth can have a major impact on your speaking capacity and a replacement can solve that forever as these products prevent you from mumbling and slurring your words.

II. The dental replacement looks and feels like your own teeth which in turn boost your inner confidence and complete your overall appearance.

III. Teeth replacement products increase your comfort and you will feel easier when eating. Also, you can enjoy your most favorite dishes without any fear of pain or trouble.

IV. Replacements are durable and can last long if you maintain them properly. You might find these products a bit expensive initially but in the long run, the investment worth it.

V. Dental replacement streamlines your oral health and helps your body in functioning smoothly.

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Bonus Tip

Hawthorn East Dental have focused on the positives of teeth replacement options but each of these has their own set of cons too. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t good. Just you need to get a clear idea of the functionality prior to making a final call. It will help you get the perfect teeth replacement alternative in accordance with your specific requirements.

So, it’s better to consult with your Dentist Camberwell and get a comprehensive idea of your problem. The professional team of dental experts will analyze the state of your teeth thoroughly and would give you the best possible alternative that won’t burn a big hole in your pocket and will help you restore the natural smile.

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