The Facts on Face Masks and Cloth Mask for the Covid 19 Pandemic

The Facts on Face Masks and Cloth Mask for the Covid 19 Pandemic

In the history of the World, the people are surrounded by a dangerous disease, which is spreading all over the countries, and even with so much development in this world, we are still unable to find any vaccine. Covid-19 not only affected the economy of the countries but also the lifestyle of the people. It was very hard to have social distancing at many places but with the strict rules government is taking proper measures and people are self-conscious and protected themselves by taking various steps and maintain social distancing among them. Another important guideline that is issued by the government is to use the mask i.e.; to cover to nose and mouth. The purpose behind using the mask is that the virus is spreading by transmitting droplets from the mouth. It is a precautionary measure to protect you to come in contact with an infected person. It can be said that masks will not completely stop the spread of the Corona Virus but it will slow down the spread of the Corona Virus.

Various reports are coming in which it is reflecting that many cases of Corona virus are asymptomatic, so it is hard to know that who is a person is carrying the virus, therefore in that case it is necessary for all to use mask all the time. In this pandemic, the situation government has declared that the mask falls in the category of essential commodities and it is easily available in the market and a person can purchase it from anywhere. With the increase in demand for masks, it has been seen that there are various types of masks available in the market like surgical masks, KN95 masks, cloth masks, etc. Surgical masks are those masks that are a little loose-fitted mask and protect you from contact with Corona Virus person but they are not a hundred percent safe mask but it may protect others by reducing exposure to the saliva and respiratory secretions of the mask bearer. KN95 mask offers more protection than surgical masks because it can filter both large and small particles when the wearer inhales.

KN95 mask offers up to 95 percent safety to the person but as per the Health Ministry, it is not the permanent solution of stop the control of Corona Virus but it can play a major role in control the increases of cases. Some masks have a one-way valve to breathe easily but recently it was declared that a one-way valve is not protecting the wearer from contact with the virus so it is banned in many countries now. Another type of mask, which a person can make at their home, also is a Cloth mask, they are not as protected as KN95 masks but they help in the trap the droplets of the wearer. The KN95 masks are sometimes short in supply in that situation the person can use the cloth mask. The only thing that keeps in mind that the mask should be made up of fabric, which is tightly woven cotton material, and it should be in multiple layers to remain protected.

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