Factor Affecting in IVF Treatment Result

Factor Affecting in IVF Treatment Result

IVF is a complicated treatment and involves several stages, medications and procedures. All of these steps have a crucial role in the success of IVF treatment. The vital factors that influence the result of IVF treatment are as per the following:

  • Quality of Egg or Embryo
  • Timing of ovulation
  • Sperm Factor
  • Embryo Transfer

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Quality of Egg or Embryo

The age of a woman directly affects the production of an egg. The woman of more than 35 products low-quality eggs. The IVF success rates are half in women less than age 35 and roughly 25% in women between the ages 40 to 42. The decline in the success rates is because of the diminishing number of eggs. Fertility potential generally diminishes after the age of 30. A few tests are done with these types of patients and medications are prescribed to stimulate the production of high-quality eggs or embryo(developing life). An egg donation is likewise an available choice if healthy eggs are not produced from you.

Timing of ovulation

Timing of ovulation likewise influences IVF result. Maturation and development of the eggs should be coordinated exactly so that the eggs are not too mature or immature.

Sperm Factor

The sperm ought to be healthy and mobile for IVF success. If the quality of sperm will be poor, the rate of success of IVF will be less. There are many different ways to improve sperm quality for IVF. Cutting out smoking and the drinking of alcohol is significant to improve the quality of sperm.

Embryo Transfer

A healthy human embryo will hatch from its shell on day 5-7 after fertilization and implant within hours after hatching out. Embryo transfer is the most significant step of IVF. The success of IVF treatment thoroughly relies on the right placement of the embryo after fertilization.

The most significant part of IVF embryo transfer is that multiple pregnancies may happen. It is so because generally, the specialist doctors prefer to put more than one embryo in the uterus so that if one neglects to exit the other one will survive. In some cases, embryos don’t survive and it results in ineffective IVF treatment.

There are many other factors, which affect IVF result. Stress and genetic problems are major to affect pregnancy.

Stress at work, fast-paced lifestyle, environmental toxins, and delayed marriages are among the factors that lead to higher chances of infertility. But, now, these couples need not be disappointed as doctors now can enable you to out, with IVF treatment.

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