Factors & Ways To Avoid High-risk Pregnancy

Factors & Ways To Avoid High-risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy is said to be high-risk pregnancy when the complications can affect the mother, baby or both of them. These complications can occur before or during the pregnancy. Considering the complications involved, it is highly recommended for women to seek advice from high-risk pregnancy doctors and opt for safety management such that both mother and baby stay healthy during pregnancy.

What Factors Contribute To High-risk Pregnancy?

Factor that leads to high-risk pregnancy is majorly health problems occurring during pregnancy. Such health problems can involve the health of the mother, baby or both. These health problems can appear during or before the pregnancy in women. Some of the common health problems, which lead to complicated pregnancy, have been listed below;

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Disease in kidneys such as CKD or pyelonephritis
  • Lung disease such as asthma
  • Over or under weight women
  • Women below the height of 5 feet
  • Infertility problems
  • Women who are either below 17 or above 35 years of age
  • Heart disorders such high blood pressure, heart valve issues etc
  • Genetic disorders such as Down syndrome
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol or other types of illegal drugs
  • The presence of infection such as Rubella, Toxoplasmosis, Chickenpox etc
  • Abnormal structure or state of cervical or uterus like cervical insufficiency, uterine fibroids
  • Problematic history during pregnancy such preterm labour, C-section, multifetal pregnancy, posts term delivery etc.
  • Cancer or blood disorders such as sickle cell disease
  • Inappropriate RH compatibility that requires a blood transfusion to the fetus
  • The problem of the thyroid

High Risk Pregnancy DoctorsRecommendations High-risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in the life of couple; however one should not forget that it brings in mixed feelings within women. She at times feels emotional and at times is filled with anxieties. It is highly advisable for women to stay away from such things in pregnancy such that complications can be avoided. Apart from this, doctor also advises ladies to opt for certain practices as mentioned below;

  • Women are advised to consume at least 400 micrograms of folic acids, Vitamin B, E and C before the beginning and during pregnancy. This is highly useful in preventing any form of fetal birth defects.
  • Light and frequent meals are recommended such that lady feels light.
  • 2400 calories are the minimum intake which should be consumed by women to stay healthy and also keep their baby healthy. Diet should comprise of protein, milk, fruits, vegetables which are appropriate for ladies to maintain proper weight.
  • A well-balanced diet should be consumed that includes calcium and magnesium.
  • Refrigerated or leftover food items should be highly avoided during this phase.
  • Stay away from alcohol, smoking or drugs
  • Drink lots of fluid and also consume fibre diet that is low in sugar.
  • Appropriate immunisation should be attained against infectious disease; also efforts should be made to stay away from people who have been infected with viruses.
  • Regular physical fitness exercises should be performed to maintain an active lifestyle. These physical activities include swimming, walking, practising yoga or riding a stationary bike. However appropriate advice should be taken from a doctor before practising any exercise.
  • Appropriate rest and sleep should be taken.
  • High heel shoes and also heavy weight lifting should be avoided during pregnancy phase.


Above mentioned are some of the factors that lead to high-risk pregnancy and ways in which it can be dealt with patients. For individuals to ensure that they are able to successfully go through high-risk pregnancies, they must approach learned and knowledgeable high-risk pregnancy doctors like Dr. Emeil Kamel. He is one of the most learned gynaecologists in the town, who is capable of dealing with high-risk pregnancies successfully and giving good and healthy life to both women and her baby.

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