The Dilemmas Surrounding the Accommodation of the Loved ones in the Care Home of the Elderly

The Dilemmas Surrounding the Accommodation of the Loved ones in the Care Home of the Elderly

As the roles between parents and children change over their years, the parents are suddenly those who need constant supervision and attention. Often this is not a problem, when parents are healthy and mobile, but unfortunately, it is not always the case. In some cases elderly require trained staff that can provide them with 24-hour care.

Having worked over two decades in the sector, Faivish Pewzner experienced many situations and met with different people who tell different stories. He says that care givers who offer 24-hour services, experience every day as a big obligation, so it is necessary to think in the long term and in the interest of them themselves above all. Only in specialized health care institutions aimed for elderly can everybody be sure that caregivers will provide our loved ones with a beautiful and comfortable life. According to Faivish, the idea that we leave our loved parents in nursing home, causes a sense of guilt in the majority of cases, not thinking about the completely different side, which is to provide them with better health care and constant supervision with professional staff.

The two most common questions that Faivish Pewzner encountered over the years, regarding a nursing home are:

  1. Will the loved ones in the nursing home receive the necessary health care?
    When a parent becomes ill, it is very difficult to predict his health in the future. The illness can have an unpredictable course and such a condition often requires all day care and attention of professional medical staff. Without constant supervision of nurses and doctors who are permanently available in our homes, diseases such as dementia, poor mobility, or disability, the elderly can be a major problem. By making the decision to place our parents in a nursing home, we can be completely carefree whether they have had medication in time, whether the doctor has examined them or whether someone helped them to get out of bed and do their basic physiological needs. The licensed homes for the elderly provide assistance to all of its users for 24 hours a day, together with professional staff trained and prepared to meet all the needs of the elderly and infirm.
  2. What are the financial expenses for the nursing home?
    Often people have been mistaken that placing parents in a nursing home is a major financial obligation. When taking into account the time to devote to the old person, medicines that must be purchased at least once a month, sometimes waiting for the doctor, prescription, then the special diet that old and sick people most often have… nursing home seem to be the only acceptable and reasonable decision. At affordable prices, your parents will receive everything in one place and you can be restless that all their needs are met!

Faivish urges you to make the right decision that will be in the best interests of your loved ones. First and foremost, provide them with a decent age. Do not deny them the right for a peaceful and carefree life because of your prejudice. Return them the love and care, as once they gave you the attention when you were young.

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