Fetal Fotos Prenatal Imaging Center | Thing You Should Know About Ultrasound Imaging!

Fetal Fotos Prenatal Imaging Center | Thing You Should Know About Ultrasound Imaging!

Becoming a parent is a blessing and with you getting pregnant comes the list of things that you need to decide on. Right from finding the gynecologist, pediatrician to finding the Prenatal Imaging Center, the selection of the best is all that you seek at that time. Here, we are going to list a few things about Fetal Fotos, an ultrasound imaging center that is known for precision. Selecting a good in fact, the best Prenatal Imaging Center is a must to experience the brilliance of nature at work. For a parent to see the baby’s heartbeat, know its gender, and even watch them smile before the baby is born kicks in the feeling of ultimate joy. Therefore, it is essential that you know the Prenatal Imaging Center you have selected is the best.

At Fetal Fotos our ultimate goal is to bring a smile to the faces of a family. Since this is the special time that each one of the family members would cherish for years to come, we have made sure to provide the best service of ultrasound to them. We have been serving since 1994 and have been known around for our accuracy and latest technology today. Here, we are going to share a few things that you must know about Ultrasound Imagery.

Below is a list of some FAQs that we have been continuously asked about Ultrasound imaging services.

1. How does ultrasound work?

This is a very common and basic question that each one of the patients curiously asks. Well! Ultrasound is a procedure in which high-frequency sound waves are used to produce a visual of the internal organ and structures of the body. For this, a transducer is used and the sound waves bounce back off the denser tissue & structure producing the image in real-time

2. Are there any risks involves in the procedure?

This again is a very common question that we come across. Well, unlike other types of medical imaging that include X-rays there is no ionizing radiation used in ultrasound. Ultrasound may heat up the tissue slightly resulting in cavitation in fluids or tissues which is not serious. So, in short, the answer is no. There are no risks involved in Ultrasound Imaging.

3. How long does ultrasound imaging takes?

When it comes to preparing yourself for ultrasound, the scan approximately 20 to 60 minutes of time.

4. What should I wear for an ultrasound?

This again is a very common question that most mothers ask. You can wear anything loose and comfortable.


These are some most common questions that we at Fetal Fotos have come across regarding Prenatal Imaging. We hope you found the answer to the question you might have. If not, you can get in touch with us for more information. Remember to cherish every moment throughout the journey as it will be something worth remembering over the year.

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