What Funding Options you can use for Personal Injury?

What Funding Options you can use for Personal Injury?


Personal injuries come up with the claim of compensation. One can claim the right compensation when he or she experiences any sort of injury. To pursue the process, people are often in search of the best personal injury lawyers in the UK. There are a variety of options from which one can select the favorite one in terms of claiming to fund personal injury. Below are the funding options for personal injury.

Conditional Fee Agreement

The conditional fee agreement is also called ‘no win no fee’ in common language. By choosing the Personal Injury, you cannot expose yourself to financial risk while claiming compensation. In no win no fee you cannot pay the money unless you win your case. In a situation where you lose the case, no financial contribution is required from your side. In this way, you are not bound to pay your solicitor any sort of fee if you lose your case. However, you can only be bound to pay the other dues such as expenses on court visits, etc. but you can also claim the insurance before the development to save yourself from such a payment. In a conditional fee agreement, there comes a success fee in some cases. The success fee is given to the solicitor after winning the case. The amount which the claimant usually pays to the solicitor is not more than 25% of the asked compensation.

Trade Union Funding

While seeking compensation, you would be asked that if you are a member of a trade union or not. Your solicitor will explore the available options for you if you are a said member of the trade union. If you choose the solicitor form the panel of a trade union, your case will be funded by the union. On the other hand, if you go for a non-member solicitor, then you have to take the full expense of the case.

Damage Based Agreements

Damage based agreements are less common when it comes to practice in claiming compensation. They are variations of the Conditional Fee Agreement. In this case, a claimant pays the solicitor a fixed fee after winning the case. The amount of the payable fee will be deducted from the compensation claimed.

Private Funding

In private funding, you are required to pay your solicitor a fixed fee no matter if you win or lose the case. In a situation where you win, the solicitor will seek to recover the charges from the defendant. In private funding, you have all the right on the obtained compensation, which means that you do not have to pay any fee to DBA or CFA.

Legal Expense Policy

Legal expense policy covers the majority of your household contents. The policy takes full liability to compensate if any mishap occurs. In legal expense policy, medical fees, legal fees, and exchange of the products are also involved. Legal expense policy in some cases is built and comes with almost every other product.

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