Wisdom Teeth Eruption Difficulties

Wisdom Teeth Eruption Difficulties

Many of us often go through a severe toothache mainly at the back of the jaw, which keeps, on increasing at an extensive rate. The reason for this is the wisdom tooth, which is the third molar that is located towards the lower and upper side of the back of the jaw. Getting a wisdom tooth is a common phenomenon that usually comes in the age between 17-21, where you can feel teeth growing at the back and slowly overcoming the teeth next to it. As a result, this at times causes severe pain and several other gum problems to individuals.

Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

You might be thinking of real extraction of wisdom tooth while living in Melbourne but find it hard to book an appointment with a trusted dentist. Don’t worry with Hawthorn East Dental services; getting the wisdom tooth removed is not a difficult thing to do. It is an established and yearlong running wisdom teeth Melbourne professional company that takes the best care of dental patients and treats them well with the usage of advanced technology and equipment.

Where the wisdom tooth grows

Before getting wisdom tooth treated, it is important to understand when and how it grows. Along with it, an individual should also have a clear understanding of the fact about how a wisdom tooth can bother an individual.

  • In the age of 17-21, you normally find wisdom teeth growing in the back of the mouth i.e. behind the molars. It continues to enhance the space that causes misalignment in the jaw leading to pain.
  • Discomfort is often felt at times because of growing wisdom teeth. This wisdom tooth also restrains the growth of next teeth causing much pain and irritation.

Need to Know about the Problems

The professionals have utmost knowledge of wisdom teeth and how can it be treated. For patients, it is also important to gain a bit of knowledge about it. Such information keeps them informed about the after effects of treatment and helps them treat it well.

  • Sometimes at the time of extracting the wisdom teeth, severe pain happens because teeth are located deep under the gums. In such situations, cutting the gum and removing the teeth might cause pain.
  • Bone might be exposed while taking out the wisdom teeth causing problems for both doctor and patient.
  • Taking out the last teeth might cause loosening of a jawline.
  • One of the severe problems that you might come across is nerve damage while extracting the wisdom tooth.


Professional players like Hawthorn East Dental can be your best partner while looking for wisdom tooth extraction. The professionals offering dental services at the company uses the latest set of equipment and techniques, ensuring patient experiences minimal pain and side effects of the process. Moreover, for patients who are skeptical about the process can inquire an understanding from them and take the well-informed and wise decision of extraction.

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