A Comprehensive Guide to the Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai

A Comprehensive Guide to the Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai

Are you interested in undergoing a beard hair transplant in Dubai? Let’s go through the article now!

With ‘No Shave November’ trends, long (and of course, well-groomed) beards have been swaying social media feeds. Whether it’s the Short Chin Strap Beard or Viking Beard, the hottest beard styles are sensational. But the journey of growing a beard is not so smooth for everyone. If you have been dreaming of a new bearded look every season, you can do it in reality now. You can undergo a beard hair transplant in Dubai and style your facial hair just the way you want.

For centuries, mustaches and beards have been men’s accessories. Facial hair reflects a man’s phase in life as he thinks he can express himself better that way. The cuts and styles support the man in their walks of life. The beard hair transplant comes as a reward to those who feel the need to enhance their facial hair. Many studies find a psychological connection between beards and their perception of masculinity. A Beard transplant is a cosmetic surgery that strengthens beard growth and reinforces confidence levels among men. Since the stigma of cosmetic surgery has faded away, men are keen to undergo beard hair transplants.

Whether you are interested in a beard hair transplant for looking dapper or for medical purposes, this article can help you find the right answers.

Benefits of Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai

The most important benefit of beard transplantation is that you get the beard you need. It is not only about the full, thick beard, but also about trying any style you want. You can talk to a beard transplant specialist about where you need hair.

It is safe to say that beard hair transplantation gives you total control over the styles you want to play with. The procedure involves tiny incisions so that you will feel nothing but small pinches. The recovery time is up to 5 hours unless you have swelling around the hair. Once you fully recover, you can start shaving normally. Your beard will function just the way it used to before.

How Do You Know If You are the Right Candidate?

Experts say that a beard hair transplant is only suitable for anyone above the age of 25. The individual’s physical and emotional maturity is essential to the success of the procedure. If you are interested in the surgery, you should undergo hormonal profiling to evaluate the necessity.

Beard hair transplant in Dubai is strongly recommended for patients with a record of baldness. Some cosmetic surgeons do not want to perform the surgery on dark complexions because of hypertrophic scarring.

Final Takeaway

The only bad thing about hair transplant we see is that you will have to sacrifice hair from the back of the scalp or elsewhere. If you choose a good hair clinic Dubai, the transplant will not burn a hole in your pocket. You can contact Padra Clinic for an affordable beard hair transplant under the guidance of medical professionals.

Author bio: Mansour Ali runs a fashion and lifestyle blog for men, and he published a piece on the best hair clinic Dubai last week. Here, he discusses everything you must know about beard hair transplant in Dubai.

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