Happiest Song List to Uplift Your Mind

Happiest Song List to Uplift Your Mind

Everyone deserves happiness and people find means of happiness in their own way. It’s an art that you dwell within with whatever activity you like or something that gives you peace and harmony. Now that we talked about harmony, how can we not include Music and Songs? These are one of the best companions in everybody’s life. The taste of music may be different but there is no one in this world who can ignore music.

There are a few songs that touch you to the core of your heart. You actually live those lyrics and the feelings in those songs. Music is the best therapy that you can gift to yourself to fight pain, stress, anxiety, depression, frustration or a frightful moment.

We have been to rehabilitation centers and had a conversation with psychologists to learn more about how they choose music and songs that work as a medication for patients out there. We have followed almost a similar strategy to figure out the best numbers. Here we have shared a few of the best happy songs that can uplift your mind and soul anytime anywhere. These are the List of  best happy songs that will help your body physically and mentally.

Happiest Song List to Uplift Your Mind:
1.Solsbury Hill – By Peter Gabriel

This song was composed when Gabriel was going through a tough time. His first daughter’s birth was in a stressful situation when he was recording his legendary album “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”. He quit his band after finishing the album and that chapter went into critics. This song ‘Solsbury Hill’ is all about the same when he was regretting and question if he made the right decision.

2. Home – By Phillip Phillips

This music will make you feel home and remind you of the most special people in your life. This is a very nice compilation of music and lyrics that will soothe your mind and soul.

3.No Rain – By Blind Melon

This is one of the greatest numbers of the 90s and will take you back to your childhood days. This song will make you smile and it is a genuine calm sager for most of the overwhelming people.

4.I Am What I Am – By Gloria Gaynor

You can listen to this song whenever you feel low of fed up. This song is a brilliant reminder to look within you and restore your faith in yourself so that you can live your life your way without any qualms.

5. What a Wonderful World – By Louis Armstrong

This is one of the classic jazz numbers that will help you overcome depression and anxiety. When you are getting bad news from all over the world, when everything around you is negative and you don’t want to be a part of the monotonous moments anymore, you can put on this number on your device.

6. Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now – By McFadden and Whitehead

This song is such a wonderful number that will build hope in your life. This is a motivator that motivates entrepreneurs and lifts up their moral. The lyrics are really power boosters and will fill you with unlimited confidence at least for a few hours. Living with it or leave it, that is all up to you.

7. Singin’ In the Rain – By Gene Kelly

This is one of the soothing music that you can ever listen to when you feel low. Kelly’s smile is so genuine that it will bring joy on your face and you feel energetic. The song is written by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown with amazingly meaningful lyrics.

8. Dog Days Are Over – By Florence & The Machine

This is one of the energetic vibe machines that will pump up your blood. It will remind you of all the screenplay that you may have seen in the video. The song is absolute mood swinger and will turn you happy from whatever mood you are in.

9. Happy – By Pharrell Williams

This is one of a song that is best suitable for every moment of joy. It will help you relish the joy and will double the effect of happiness. The song has a great tune will is unforgettable and mesmerizing.

10. The Horses – By Daryl Braithwaite

If you have lived abroad for a longer period, you might suffer homesickness. This is an old classical song that will hold that moment for you and motivate you to live your passion and focus on your journey so far.

Summing Up

Everyone has a different taste but since you have come so far looking for a suggestion, I would recommend you listen to calm music that can destress you whenever you need to. Instrumental melodious music will always pump your mood and bring you back from monotonous. How did you like the collection? Please suggest your favorite number to add to the list.

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