6 Major Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds (According to Science!)

6 Major Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds (According to Science!)

Hemp seeds come with miraculous health benefits. Hemp seeds are already considered to be the super food because it comes with a lot of health benefits along with the fact that it is rich in nutrition. Hemp seeds are derived from the cannabis Sativa plant. It does come from the cannabis family, but it will not produce any mind-altering side effects.

Hemp seeds are brown and small in appearance, and they are rich in fatty acid, fiber, and protein. Hemp seeds are loaded with antioxidants so it will help in improving your heart, joints, and skin health.

Rich in Nutrients

Hemp seeds are said to be rich in nutrients, and they have a very nutty and mild flavour. More than 30% of fat is present in hemp seeds and that is why one can say that it is rich in fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6. As it contains the gamma-linolenic acid, hence, it is very nutritious for the body.

If you want to consume protein, then you can have hemp seeds because they are not only rich in protein content, but they contain 16 to 18% of it. One can get Vitamin E and other minerals by consuming hemp seeds. Whenever you want to consume hemp seed, make sure it is roasted, cooked or you can have it raw.

Reduce the Risk for Heart Disease

According to many research, it has been established that the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are essential to maintain good health. Hemp seed has both the fatty acids in the proper proportion that is 3:1. Hemp seeds are used for treating heart diseases because it contains a high content of gamma-linolenic acid.

This acid helps in reducing the inflammation, and it helps in maintaining a proper cardiovascular system. GLA can reduce high blood pressure, and it will protect the veins, arteries, and heart.

Helps for Weight Loss

Hemp seed is like a natural suppressor of appetite. Once you start consuming hemp seed, it will make you feel fuller for long hours. If you can add a few tablespoons of hemp seed in your breakfast bowl, then it will curb your hunger throughout the day. It contains a lot of nutrition so your body will get enough nutrition without consuming a lot of food.

Improves the Immune System

25% of the total calorie count that is present in hemp seeds is because of protein. This food is not only rich in protein content, but it also has several amino acids. The perfect combination of amino acid and protein helps in treating your immune system. Hemp seed contains neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties that will help in optimal regulation of the immune system.

Improves Skin and Hairs

Cosmetics like soaps, lotions, lip balm contains hemp. The oil that is extracted from the hemp seed is said to have a significant effect on the skin’s inner layers, and it also promotes the growth of strong cells. To achieve smooth and soft skin, one can use hemp seed.

Skin maladies like eczema and psoriasis can be treated permanently by using hemp. One needs to consume hemp seed regularly to improve their skin and hair health. Hence it is also rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid. Hemp seed will allow your skin to easily expel the toxins and waste from your body and absorb nutrients and water.

Helps to Give Up Addiction

If you are someone who wants to give up your addiction, then you can have hemp products because it will help in reducing the symptoms that are caused when you try to withdraw from any addiction. It will also help you to repair the damage caused inside your body because of the addiction. So, it is a great way to treat yourself. In many places, denver sober living hemp seeds are used.

Before you start consuming hemp seeds, make sure you know all the pros and cons of having it. Have a proper proportion of hemp seeds in order to see visible results. So, start consuming cooked hemp seeds or have it raw in order to enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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