9 Helpful Ways to Sweep a Woman off Her Feet

9 Helpful Ways to Sweep a Woman off Her Feet

Quite often, the smallest things are the ones that make a long-lasting positive impression. It may seem easy and all fun when thinking about how to impress a woman, but the need for a guide entails just how difficult it can get. Sure, guys have aces up their sleeves that all women fall for them… but there are instances when they simply can’t use these wild cards the right way.

When discussing the best and most successful ways to make a woman feel wanted and appreciated, it doesn’t just go by with a word or two. Keep on reading for more!

Act as the Man She Needs You to Be

Act Like an Adult, a Man. This one is an important one, guys. Remember, when dating Russian women, American, European, Asian… regardless… make sure that you don’t behave in a childish way like start ignoring her texts and calls, throw tantrums for small things or, even worse, start calling her names. These may show insecurity and lead your lady out the door. That is certainly NOT a way to impress a woman and keep her by your side for a long time.

Think Important Decisions Through. Granted, when planning a weekend getaway, it is okay to be a little adventurous (if that is your thing) and simply throw caution to the wind. But this is never okay when planning your future together. Show her that you know what you are doing, that you have a plan and that you are being careful about the following important steps you are about to take together.

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Invite Her Out. At least twice, or even three times a week (if you are available) ask her if there is any place in town she would like to see. Be it a restaurant, a coffee place or a museum – find the time and make the plan. An important note here – always be on time, and if you can, bring flowers. It is a great gesture every woman appreciates.

Remember to Share Your Opinions and Feelings

Do State Your Opinions Openly. Yes, listening to her side of things is important, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be silent all the time and expect her to have the say in the relationship about everything. Women like men who know what they want and are not afraid to say it. Even when discussing trivial things, it is still preferable for you to openly say what you think and be completely honest about it. Don’t try to impress her ALL the time.

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Say You Need Her. Men often play the “I-don’t-care” card when it comes to relationships. This is wrong on so many levels. Don’t go around and spread news that you are casual with your lady, or that you are meeting someone new but don’t have any real intention or feelings. That hurts – especially if it is not true. Share your emotions, ask to know hers too, and enjoy each other’s company without feeling like you are less of a man because of that.

Sure, we are all humans and there are instances when being calm is simply not an option. However, for the most part when things are not completely out of control – try not to yell and make sure that you still talk the situation through. But not by screaming at each other. Naturally, women tend to be a tad louder, that is true. That is why you are supposed to keep the peace as much as you can and resolve the issue calmly.

Simply Love Her and Show It

Be Supportive and Proud. Always. Always show her just how immensely proud she makes you feel. Because of the work she does, because of how she acts and because of how good she is with other people. Regardless of the reason, just let her know. And, of course, when thinking about new endeavours – support your better half in them, and be there to offer a helping hand in the process. She will do the same for you; you can be sure about that.

Eye Contact Means a Lot. When you are out and about, or at home – it doesn’t matter, really, and you engage in a conversation, don’t ever forget about looking her straight in the eyes and listen. But really listen and engage in the conversation. Your lady will feel as if she is being heard and appreciated at the same time.

Trust Her and Give Her the Benefit of the Doubt. Even the greatest, longest and most loving relationships go through ups and downs. When things get difficult and you start questioning your partner’s loyalty, be patient and make sure that it is true before you make any decision. And remember, trust her, trust her instincts and trust her that she is doing her best to make everything work perfectly.

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