Herbal Medicine For a Modern World

Herbal Medicine For a Modern World


Ayurveda is the best herbal remedy for the modern world which has become the breeding ground of numerous diseases and illnesses.

The 21st century might as well be the best time to go all green…after all we’ve enjoyed the pleasures of alternative non-environmental friendly options of things for too long. Let’s face it; we as humankind have brought about the drastic climate changes that we experience every day.

Even though some of our world leaders would say that climate change is a hoax and it really doesn’t exist, but just because we cannot see drastic changes happening in our personal daily lives, doesn’t mean that the ice caps are not melting, a large group of empire penguins are on the verge of extinction, the walruses are falling of rocky cliffs, straight to their deaths because they don’t know how to climb them and think it’s all snow, but there is no snow left. We cannot ignore these things.

The amount of storms and blizzards that we have been experiencing lately, has been unexpected and getting fiercer with time. We have also created an artificial sea of plastic that we have surrounded ourselves with. There is plastic at every 1 metre around you in some form or the other. This one element has been a plague to mankind that is externally created and killing the external environment.

Plastic is used even in our medicinal production, right from the medicine capsules, to their packaging. This might as well be the best time for us to switch to everything herbal; even in our medicines. Did you know that nature is a powerhouse for medicines; nearly every plant that has grown in nature has some medicinal benefit.

Ayurveda (an ancient medicinal practice, which is a part of the Upveda (an ancient Indian text which consists of 114 hymns in the Atharvaveda about mystery cures for diseases)is an ancient medicinal practice that is one hundred percent effective and literally has no side effects, is still practiced in many parts of India. Ayurveda treatment in Kerala (a state in India) is the hub for Ayurveda practices. You will find many authentic ayurvedic centres here in Kerala.

Ayurveda works on the principle of maintaining a delicate balance between the mind body and soul. For this, it implements herbal medicines, surgical techniques, metal supplements, oils and minerals on the body through ingestion, massages and other methods to correct the Doshas (flaws and faults) in the different areas of your body. The doshas are a combination of the five elements that constitute one’s body. The three elements being:

  • Vata: qualities pertaining to the elements of air and space. The Vata constitution has physical and mental elements in your body, which reciprocate the elemental combination of space and air.
  • Pitta: qualities pertaining to the elements of fire and water. The Pitta constitution has physical and mental elements in your body, which reflect the elemental combination of Fire and water.
  • Kapha: qualities in the body pertaining to water and earth. The Kapha constitution has physical and mental elements in your body, which reflect the elemental combination of water and earth.

There are 8 related compositions that are a whole system of practice within ayurveda:

  1. Kaya-chikitsa: study about cure of ailments affecting one’s body.
  1. Bal roga nad kaumara-bhatya: study about children specific ailments.
  1. Bhuta vidya: study about the many phenomenons affected my spirits and micro-organisms.
  1. Salankya tantra: study related to the eyes, nose, teeth and the ear.
  1. Shailya tantra: this is a complex study of surgical techniques and its practice.
  1. Vajikarna tantra (aphrodisiacs): this is a study specific to a desired and healthy offspring along with infertility and virility.
  1. Agada tantra: this is a study of different types of poisons and their antidotes.
  1. Rasayana tantra: this is a study of the processes of rejuvenation and ageing.

If you are new to Ayurveda and still want to experience its good-effects, it is highly recommended for you to try the Panchakarma therapy in India. It is a combination of 5 healing and massages techniques that completely rejuvenates and treats the mind and body with deep and penetrating effects.

Ayurveda comes as a boon to mankind and this may be exactly the right time to start turning into and surrendering to nature. We have overlooked her for too long in order to create this “modern world” of over-consumption. It’s time we, as a species, pause and repose all that we have created so far and take time to heal all that we have lost in the process of creation.

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