These Are The High Ranking Myths of Balloon Sinuplasty!

These Are The High Ranking Myths of Balloon Sinuplasty!

Chronic Sinusitis can be very painful and uncomfortable for a person, thus it must be treated at the earliest. Balloon Sinuplasty is a safe and effective procedure that used for treating chronic sinusitis problem and other related issues. This is a new approach thus has a lot of myths associated to it. Let us now look at those myths.

Nose will be packed after the procedure– People think that there nose will be packed with the gauze and the removal will then be very uncomfortable but new technology has eliminated the need for packing, no matter is it is a traditional sinus surgery or sinuplasty.

Repetition is required– There is no need of repetition as it is very effective at treating the issues and creating quality life for people.

Recovery takes time- It takes no time to recover from the sinuplasty, in many cases people go back to normal activities after a single day. Although this may not be the case in traditional surgery.

You don’t get any insurance cover– Many plans cover the procedure and if not you may talk to the medical officer to handle the details with you.

Bruised eyes– There are no bruises at all in this procedure until and unless you are having a cosmetic nasal work done at the same time.

Painful procedure– The treatment involves the use of local anesthesia which ensures a patient doesn’t feel any pain. There can be slight sensation of pressure but no pain.

Balloon is left behind– As this Procedure involves a device which is inflated to open nasal passage, there is a fear in mind that it will be left behind. But this is not a case; everything used during the procedure is duly taken out.


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