Is Hip Replacement a Good Option For Hip Fractures?

Is Hip Replacement a Good Option For Hip Fractures?

Hip fractures are a common occurrence, especially with the elderly members of the family. Older adults have a higher risk of hip fractures as their bones are not as strong as they were before. Their bones are very brittle because of age, and even a small fall may cause a hip fracture with extreme pain. As you can understand, a hip fracture is a very painful ordeal. The elderly must also have a chance not to feel so much pain, that is why advanced medical science has made it possible to perform hip replacements on the elderly, even 80-year-old people and 90-year-old people without affecting their health in any possible way.

The reason as to why hip replacement is preferred to treat hip fractures, especially in the elderly is because, at that age, there is very little possibility that the hip bone will heal after some serious trauma. The advanced age makes the complete healing procedure by the body a very distant dream. This is why doctors prefer to have hip replacement surgery. A hip replacement will allow the patient to get up and start walking the very next day of the surgery. Hip fracture recovery without surgery is often a tough solution for some people, and they should choose the surgical option.

The great thing about hip replacement surgery is that there are no weight or age restrictions that are in place for a patient who is looking for a hip replacement surgery. As long as the patient is in good health, he or she can go through with the hip replacement surgery without any worry. Perfect proof of this is hip surgery are the ones that are carried out in patients who are 90 years old!

Hip fractures can also happen in young people who are leading a very active lifestyle and are playing tough sports like basketball or wrestling. Young adults usually prefer hip replacement surgery as the surgery implant material has a very long life that can last decades and can give extensive relief.

Who are the best candidates for hip replacement surgery

There are very few medical conditions that warrant a hip replacement surgery to be performed. Some of the conditions are mentioned below:

  • Hip fractures that the doctor feels will not heal by itself and hence a hip replacement surgery is recommended.
  • Osteoarthritis is a condition that is caused due to the age of the patient and the wear and tear that is associated with the hip joint. The older the patient, the more the wear and tear that is present and the larger the risk of osteoarthritis in the body.
  • Avascular necrosis is a condition where the blood supply to the knee joint is cut off or limited because of trauma or any other environmental condition. As a result of this condition, the surface of the knee joint will collapse, and a knee replacement is inevitable. The hip replacement surgery cost in India is very affordable and can be performed if the patient has avascular necrosis.
  • Childhood hip disease is also a condition that may require the patient to undergo a hip replacement. Some children are born with deformities in the hip joint that may cause a lot of pain later on when they reach adulthood. To deal with the pain, hip replacement surgery may become necessary to avert any further health problem.

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