Home Remedies for Gum and Sensitive Teeth

Home Remedies for Gum and Sensitive Teeth

Gum disease and sensitive teeth are serious oral health problems. If you don’t take them seriously, it can lead to tooth decay and a host of other dental health problems. The good thing, gingivitis and sensitive teeth are entirely preventable if you are ready to trust home remedies. People have long been relying on natural and herbal methods to treat gum problems and sensitive teeth and you can do that as well. They deliver good results and there should be no doubt about that. So, if ever your teeth give sensitivity while eating cold or hot foods or drinks, or if your gums are swollen, tender or bleeding, try a home remedy for a few days before consulting the dentist.

Here are some of tried-and-tested home remedies for sensitive teeth and gum disease:

1.Desensitizing Toothpaste

There are several desensitizing toothpastes available in the market and you can choose one with right ingredients to get rid of teeth sensitivity. These toothpastes contain compounds that protect nerve endings from irritants. The potassium nitrate present in them can stop pain signals going from the nerve in the tooth to the brain. With regular use of the toothpaste, you can make the sensitivity reduce in intensity over time. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoride mouthwash to get more help with teeth sensitivity.

2.Salt Water Rinse

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, try salt water rinse and see the difference after a few usages itself. Salt is a powerful antiseptic which is known to reduce inflammation. When your gargle with a salt water twice daily, it can reduce pain symptoms from sensitive teeth and bring desired relief in a few days’ time. You can prepare the rinse by adding some salt to a glass of lukewarm water and then mix it well. You can then swish the rinse in the mouth for I minute and then spit it out.

3.Hydrogen Peroxide

The use of hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse is nothing new as dentists have been doing it for years to relieve patients of sensitive teeth. It works as a powerful disinfectant and antiseptic, so is very effective in healing gums and preventing inflammation. To use it as a mouth rinse, you can mix a two caps of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to half a glass warm water and then swish the solution in the mouth for 1 minute at least. You can spit out the solution and then rinse the mouth with water to remove any residue inside.

4.Honey and Warm Water

Honey has traditionally been a widely used home remedy for treating teeth sensitivity in people of all age groups. It’s a known antibacterial agent with ability to do wound management. Doctors advise using it to speed healing, minimize pain, reduce swelling and get rid of inflammation. You can rinse the mouth with warm water and some honey to reduce pain from sensitive teeth. The solution is also effective in promoting oral healing.

5.Turmeric Gel

Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties which makes it part of many home remedies. It is also very affective in treating gum disease or gingivitis. In fact, its gel can also protect against plaque and early stages of gum disease. You can find turmeric gel in any health or food shop and get benefits for dental health. you can apply the gum to the gums or sensitive teeth for 10 minutes and then spit it and rinse with water to treat gingivitis in a few days itself.

6.Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is very effective in reducing bacteria in the mouth and fighting the build up of plaque that often causes gingivitis. You can use coconut oil, swirl it around in the mouth for 20 minutes or so and then spit it out before rinsing the mouth. It’s good to drink a glass of water before cleaning the teeth. You can also try this remedy for a shorter duration for good results. And if the problem persists after a few days, it’s always better to visit best dental clinic for professional treatment. Gum disease can cause a lot of problem to your teeth, so get it treated at the earliest.

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