How Do You Stop Tooth Pain from Home Remedies?

How Do You Stop Tooth Pain from Home Remedies?

Tooth Pain

Quite frequently some of us experience an excruciating toothache which occurs when we are least expecting it. For example, this happens when you are preparing for an upcoming trip and have reached the airport and suddenly you experience a jolt of pain cramming up your tooth.

Your pain can wreak havoc on your lifestyle as you won’t be able to relish your food and will not be able to speak in the right way. So you must be able to deal with the issue so that you can wait until you can gain an appointment with the doctor.

So here are certain vital home remedies that can assist you to control your tooth problem. Just take a look.

Clove Oil

Cloves have been used for centuries in the Eastern medicine for providing a quick relief from the toothache. After a couple of minutes of the oil application you can find your toothache to diminish. This happens because of eugenol which is a common component of clove oil and plays a vital role in diminishing pain. You can apply the clove oil on the affected tooth directly and let it dry. You should, however, be careful of the pungency of cloves as they are often used a spice and also they can interfere with the bonding so you may have to consult with your dentist prior to using it if you have tooth restorations like bonding.

Saltwater Rinse

One way to sanitise the mouth is to use the saltwater rinse. This happens to be an antiseptic that prevents the bacteria from growing. If you swish your mouth with saltwater it will help to sanitise the mouth and even prevent inflectional outbursts. This will assist in reducing the intensity of pain that is felt by you. You can rinse the mouth when you wake up, after every meal and prior to going for sleep with this mixture.

Cold Compress

An ice pack or a cold compress can assist in easing the dental pain and this is especially the case when the toothache is due to swollen gums or injury. You can try to hold a frozen peas bag or ice pack against the cheek over the painful teeth for a few minutes The blood vessels get constricted because of the cold treatment application which slows down the blood flow to the area that is affected. This triggers the numbing of the pain and abatement of the inflammation and swelling.

Hydrogen Peroxide

The hydrogen peroxide mouthwash actually helps to ease both the discomfort and the infection. Apart from cleaning the bacteria, the hydrogen peroxide can heal the bleeding gums and can reduce the plaque to a great extent. This also causes a foul taste in the mouth because of fever. This, just like home remedies, is a temporary treatment for the toothache. For this you need about 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. You should use the hydrogen peroxide and rinse the mouth with it. You must rinse the mouth with water after rinsing with hydrogen peroxide several times. You should repeat this whenever it is required.

Peppermint Tea

The peppermint can have the numbing effects which can soothe the toothache. The menthol offering the peppermint its minty flavour is said to be antibacterial. You should add 1 teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves to a simmering water cup and then for 20 minutes these leaves have to be steeped. Then post cooling the leaves, it can be swished around the mouth and then swallowed or spat out. You can also utilise a somewhat lukewarm wet bag which can be held against the teeth for some time until the pain reduces. A few peppermint drops on the cotton ball can be placed against the impacted tooth for momentary relief.

Cucumber in Room Temperature

The soothing effects of cucumber is quite well-known. This is the reason that so many people use this for healing the puffy eyes. The cucumbers consist of the homeostatic properties which assist to keep the blood confined within the vessels. You can use the cucumber on the impacted area of the tooth pain. For this you should go for a cucumber and sea salt mixture and utilise it on the teeth as a paste. Is your cucumber contained in fridge? The bring the cucumbers back to the room temperature prior to applying on the teeth that are sensitive.

The above are some of the ways to control toothache with home remedies. These, however, only provide temporary home remedies and you must consult with the top dentist in Greenpoint without delay so that the real problem can be detected and treated before it destroys your oral health completely.

Author Bio – Nitesh Ranjan is a fervent blogger who has been working closely with the top dentist in Greenpoint since many years now and strives to benefit the readers with oral care solutions through his blogs.

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