How Smoking Affects Male And Demale Fertility?

How Smoking Affects Male And Demale Fertility?

Numerous studies have been done globally to understand the effects of smoking on fertility and every study has established a very strong co-relation between smoking and infertility. Dr. Mona Dahiya, regarded amongst the Best IVF doctor in NOIDA lists down Top 3 Reasons how smoking affects male and female fertility.

Effects of Smoking on Female Fertility: Most people are aware about the Harmful effects of smoking leading to Cancer and Oral diseases, but very few are aware that it significantly impacts female fertility. It is estimated that about (5-6) % of Women in India are Smokers. Women Smokers have low fertility rates because of the following.

  1. Low Pregnancy Rate: Women who are smokers have 50% Reduced Pregnancy Rate if they are trying to conceive naturally as well women who undergo any Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) because of Low Implantation rates.
  2. Reduced Egg Count: Smoking Significantly reduces the Number of Eggs that can be produced in a Woman during her Fertility Age or Period.
  3. Poor Egg Quality: Women who smoke have Poor Quality of Eggs that are not able to mature to create a Healthy Embryo.

Effects of Smoking on Male Fertility: The Harmful effects of smoking on male infertility is the single biggest reason globally for male infertility problems.

  1. Low Sperm Quality: All Medical Studies reveal that Smoking Damages the Male Sperms DNA which leads to inflammation of Sperms and thereby reducing the sperm quality.
  2. Erectile Dysfunction: Smoking Leads to Erectile Dysfunction problems i.e., Reduced Erection in Males which inhibits or reduces the ability to have sexual intercourse with a woman.
  3. Ejaculation Problems: Men who are Regular Smokers have Ejaculation Problems and hence find it difficult to ejaculate. If there is no ejaculation, no sperms can get released to fertilize with an Egg of a Woman.

In Rural India, the Concept of Smoking started with a Congregation of appointed Men coming together and discussing panchayat issues over Smoking Bidis or a Hooka. However, with time smoking has become a mainstay preference among the youth over Hookah bars and bonding over a cigarette shop in the neighborhood Pan Shop. While most people are aware about the ill health associated with smoking and drinking, very few are aware how smoking affects male and female fertility.

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