How to Combat Your Fear of Using a Menstrual Cup

How to Combat Your Fear of Using a Menstrual Cup

In every woman’s life there comes a time when she has to come to terms with menstruation. For some it might be a pain free ride but for others it might be the most uncomfortable and exhausting few days. Although pads and tampons are go-to menstrual products, menstrual cups too, have become a popular option in recent years.

There are many benefits in using menstrual cups in India, from being cost-effective to being eco-friendly. Yet there are still reservations against trying out the product as, unlike disposable and cloth pads, menstrual cups require insertion into the vagina, something that women are not very comfortable with. On the up-side, menstrual cups come in handy while travelling or if you’re a person who loves backpacking you would understand the difficulties faced in finding bathrooms, so in such cases you would be extremely grateful to yourself if you had one of these products.

Menstrual cups have been around for a while yet women still prefer using pads and tampons. You might be wondering why. Well, there are many fears that exist, some include thoughts like: “What if it (the cup) isn’t placed right?” or “What if it starts to leak or overflow? “Will it hurt?” And it’s completely normal to have such questions.

There are many ways to overcome these fears. The first, of course, is buying a menstrual cup online. Next, start educating yourself about menstrual cups, about their working as well as how they should be inserted, removed and emptied. There are many websites which have detailed explanations on how one can use them, on reading more you can put your worries to ease. Also many young women have an acute fear of blood but only on coming to terms with their body will they understand that there is nothing really to fear. On using menstrual cups over a period of time one can get over this fear. We have many wrong notions of menstrual cup, one of which is that the cup might overflow. But studies have proven that a menstrual cup can hold approximately 30ML of menstrual flow. In addition the cup can hold blood from 6 hours up to 12 hours safely. There will be no odour, no leaks and no stains as the menstrual cup forms a seal, collecting all the fluid with ease.

Many users have noted that after using this menstrual product for a while they’ve found a change. They’ve had much more comfortable periods after switching to a menstrual cup. You might think that a cup will cause additional discomfort but on the contrary on most occasions you might even forget that you’re wearing a cup and are on your period. Only on getting accustomed to menstrual cups will you realize how efficient it is. There are various types of cups as well as different brands. You can research to see which one would be well suited to your body. If you are apprehensive about using one, we’d suggest visiting as the brand offers something unique – soft cups for young girls and those who are not active, a regular cup for women and a firm cup for athletes. Using a soft menstrual cup made of medical grade silicone will definitely put you at ease.

A menstrual cup can enhance your relationship with your body and in the long run can help you understand your menstrual cycle. So try it out today, it will definitely make a difference to your body and the environment.

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