How To Find The Best Knee Replacement Surgery India

How To Find The Best Knee Replacement Surgery India

Knee replacement surgery is a surgical procedure that is administered to patients with damaged knee joints. This surgery improves mobility as well as the flexibility of the knee. It also relieves a patient from prolonged pain. Most patients suffering from osteoarthritis undergo knee replacement surgery when no other medical treatments prove beneficial.

But finding the right place for knee replacement surgery and the best surgeon is where people tend to feel stuck and confused. There are many options for treatment. But it is essential to learn about certain parameters before choosing any particular medical institution. So let’s talk in detail about knee replacement surgery in India.

The Cost Factor– This is the essential part that determines whether or not a particular hospital is right for you. The cost of knee replacement surgery varies from one hospital to the other. The average costing is approximately between 1.5 to 3.8 lakhs. The costing is comparatively lower than other countries in the world which is why more and more people from abroad are looking for a better treatment facility in India.

If you are looking for single knee surgery, it will cost you around two lakhs. The cost depends on the complexity of the patient’s condition and the type of hospital you are admitted to. The premium range hospital with world-class features will be a little costly, but the service is also unmatched.

Type of Surgery- There are various types of knee replacement surgeries done as per the patient’s knee condition. You need to understand that not all clinics or hospitals offer every variety of knee surgeries. Therefore, one must research thoroughly before choosing one institution for the surgery. According to knee surgery, one requires which may be total, partial or a revision knee replacement surgery, the cost varies. Generally, the bilateral knee replacement cost is somewhere between 2.5 lakhs to 4.2 lakhs.
Patients who require revision knee replacement have to spend higher as such operations are complicated, and the previous implant is removed and replaced with a new one.

Why Knee Replacement Surgery In India?

When it comes to knee replacement surgery, India is the most preferred destination nowadays. First of all, the Indian currency is cheaper in comparison to USD, Pound, and Euro. So you can understand that the treatment cost will also be lower in India than the USA or UK. This is a significant reason why many international patients choose India for knee replacement surgery.

Bottom Line

There are many private hospitals with high-quality services and world-class infrastructure in India. And as the competition is getting stiffer in the medical industry, the costing associated with surgical treatments are getting affordable.

The best part is that patients get well-trained, experienced doctors, yet their service cost is not as high as in other countries. Apart from that, the overall cost of living price is also less. So it is easier to manage food and lodging when patients travel from one location to the other for knee replacement surgery.

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