How to Pick the Best Probiotic for Yourself?

How to Pick the Best Probiotic for Yourself?

The pandemic might have been nerve wracking but it has certainly made us more conscious about our health. Almost everyone wants to boost their immunity and work on their gut health, improving it, in all ways possible. 

When you specifically focus on your gut health, it is important to know that millions or maybe trillions of bacteria are residing inside the human body. Some of these bacteria create illnesses while others work to fight them off. Therefore, an equilibrium is required to balance both. And a good probiotic supplement can help you, in doing so. 

If your gut health hasn’t been optimal for some time, you can certainly buy gut health supplements in Australia to maintain the required balance. But how to make sure that you are picking the right ones?

Choosing the Best Probiotic:

When you step outside to get a probiotic for yourself, you will be stunned by the variety. There are innumerable supplements available. And as the variety is really good, it can be intimidating to make a choice. 

What if you pick the wrong one? Well, here are some tips that can help you in making the right investment. You can also consult a doctor for this specifically. 

1. Billions of Organisms:

Always read through the label before buying any supplement. A probiotic must have billions of organisms to be worth it. Typically, probiotics range between 5-100 billion CFUs. The range is defined by the number of strains, i.e. the higher the strains the higher the CFUs. The tip here is to start from a low CFU and then gradually increase it, to build tolerance. Do not try to consume higher CFU directly. 

2. Opt for Dairy Free:

It is best to opt for a dairy free supplement, with a 30 billion CFU, ideally. Also, always have a look at the manufacturing and expiry date. It is best to buy a supplement whose manufacturing date is near to your purchase date. 

3. Diversity is Good:

Remember that your gut is diverse in its function. Thus, your probiotics should be diverse as well. Buying a supplement that has different strains can be great for your gut health. Diversity is usually stated as “proprietary blend” on the label of supplements. However, it is important to know that you cannot find more than two strains in one probiotic. It is hard to find a blend of more than two. 

4. Lookout for Fillers and Binders:

Always read the label thoroughly before buying supplements. Many brands have unwanted fillers and binders that have an unpleasant impact. Avoid ingredients like lactose or cornstarch as they cause gas and bloating, especially if you have a sensitive gut. 


The best probiotic for gut health is the one with least CFU, i.e. 20 billion CFU. Remember, the key is to start low and then gradually build your tolerance. The best practice is to eat it empty stomach and eat it once or twice daily (no more than that).

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