How Will Astaxanthin Supplement Help My Body?

How Will Astaxanthin Supplement Help My Body?

You don’t want to waste your time adding supplements to your daily diet unless you know that they’re going to give your body the fuel it needs to be its strongest self, right? You want your choices to be informed, accurate, unambiguous, and focused. When considering your option for antioxidants, view this as your go-to source for all of that.

Beyond Natural Astaxanthin Supplement will be your tried-and-tested choice when you need a strong base of nutrients and clear information on how they all work to the benefit of your body. However, it all comes down to arming yourself with the information you need to know, coupled with an understanding of how it helps your body!

Astaxanthin — the “King of antioxidants”

If you are familiar with the word, but that’s about it, it’s time for you to get properly acquainted. Firstly, the title of “King” is not given lightly. As far as natural antioxidants are concerned, astaxanthin is the top of the top.

When compared to vitamins C and E, astaxanthin is 6000x and 100x stronger, respectively. It’s also 800x more potent than Co-Q10, 550x stronger than Green Tea, and 5x more powerful than beta carotene. When you look at any of those numbers on their own, that’s pretty impressive. When you combine them all together, the title makes a whole lot more sense!

Astaxanthin is a potent natural antioxidant that outpaces other natural antioxidants and synthetic ones as well. Since the body responds better to naturally sourced astaxanthin, you’ll be unable to find anything synthetic that outperforms this powerful choice.

The sourcing itself also plays a huge role. The most potent ingredients come from the best controlled environments.  Grown inside under carefully controlled conditions to ensure that every crop harvested is the best it can be, natural astaxanthin is extracted and manufactured in New Zealand to the strictest quality standards making it your best choice for quality control!

As for how it’s going to help your body, there’s a little bit of everything! Firstly, its antioxidant properties. Working as a broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory, this will help reduce inflammation throughout the body, including easing sore joints and assisting muscles and injuries repair and heal faster than without it. Helpful for both enhancing your physical endurance and recovery from surgery or an injury, it adjusts to what your body needs, where and when it’s useful.

Astaxanthin also works as an internal sunscreen, helping you stay safe from the UV rays daily, including those trips to the beach. Great for when you want to protect your insides as much as your outsides!

Often seen as an anti-aging supplement due to its focus on helping with heart, eye, skin, and cognitive health. It will help you get more out of each day, even as another birthday comes and goes. Great for preventative use as well as to help treat some of the premature signs of aging. Along the same lines, this helps boost your immune system as you age, which can help protect against viruses and infections.

Last but most certainly not least, this potent antioxidant also works hard at neutralizing free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals are found in all of us due to living in toxic environments and overly-processed diets, amongst other things. They can cause all sorts of damage, including to our DNA, if left unchecked. Working to seek out and effectively neutralize free radicals, this antioxidant is one hard-working, active ingredient that you’ll most certainly want on your team!

What else is there?

A lot, actually. Astaxanthin is undoubtedly a powerful ingredient and an important choice to help keep your body strong and protected against environmental damage, amongst other things. However, there’s more waiting for you in the right choice in astaxanthin supplements.

  • Kiwifruit seed extract: Loaded with essential fatty acids and vitamin E, this will help keep your cells strong and healthy throughout your body, helping to protect them from early decay. Amongst its perks are its use as a digestive aid, helping prevent kidney stones, and even relieving symptoms of rheumatism!
  • Hemp seed oil: This has excellent anti-aging effects, but it also has been shown to help block fat cell formation! A potent source of omega-3s and protein, amongst others, this oil is a powerful plant-sourced choice for those who enjoy plant-based nutrition. There is also some research to show that it can help reduce your risk of heart disease [2].
  • Flaxseed oil: This is another strong example of omega-3 fatty acids. Spreading its benefits to everything from your skin, heart, joints, and even your brain will help reduce inflammation and promote health in all sectors.

You’ll be able to do a whole lot when you know where to go for the right powerful ingredients. It’s impressive when you take a look at all of these details on their own, but when you know that they’re all available to you in one carefully formulated natural supplement? It gets even better.




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