How Yoga Helps You Become Self-Aware?
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How Yoga Helps You Become Self-Aware?

How Yoga Helps You Become Self-Aware?

Yoga is the perfect tool in this hassled up world to bring back your self-awareness through various practices.

Yoga is a holistic practice that allows you to be much more aware and in control of your powers. It was a practice that was devised in ancient India by the great sages and yogis. The ancient yogis dug deep into the human psyche to reach a realm in human existence that was beyond things like a behavior, personality, attachments and intellect. They understood that the mind and the body have different kinds of powers. These powers could be trained and sharpened with practice. The body had to be trained in a certain way that was different from the way the mind was to be trained. But when the both were heightened in their powers, they could be united with the practice of breath and that would lead them to a path of spiritual enlightening.

In today’s date yoga is practiced to help people lead a balanced life with a healthy body and a peaceful mind and a brighter perception towards life. There are many yoga teachers training in Delhi and yoga classes in Gurgaon. Yoga is indeed a great way to unwind and lead a balanced life. It has amazing therapy like affects for people ailing with mental as well as many physical problems, with living in a fast paced city in the 21st century.


So how does yoga help you become self-aware?

  1. Yoga shifts your perspective and helps you gain a newer perspective. 

If your daily routine is getting much too monotonous with time, and you are dreading for a change in any form, try going to a yoga class. Here you will realize that the simplest changes such as walking on a new road, meeting your yoga mates, interacting with the yoga teacher and changing the movements of your body can change a lot about your sense of perception. What is great about a perception change is the fact that you will be able to witness a part of you that you never had realized you had in you. A perception change always shows you newer ways in which your body can move and function.

  1. A balanced health and a restored sense of happiness:

Oftentimes some find themselves in an expressionless emotionless mood and even though there are a multitude of emotions that are going through with you, you don’t know how to catch hold of a certain emotion and react to it; or how not to let go of important emotions while concentrating on a certain emotion.

Yoga helps you with this when you practice meditation and mindfulness. The aim to a meditation session is not to empty the thoughts in your mind, but to be at peace with your thoughts organize them and make space for newer thought, which is an automatic result of organizing your thoughts.

A balance in one’s body helps them feel in control and restores the happiness that and been taken over by chaotic thoughts. Yoga helps you see the simple joys in life that you may ignore oftentimes.

  1. Cultivating silence:

Did you know that the best way to cultivate self- awareness is spending your time in silence? Spending your time with yourself, your being and keeping an eye (third eye) on your thoughts and its process of panning out. When you cultivate self awareness in your silence, you will be revealed to your true self in front of your mind’s eye.

  1. Observing your actions:

With the rigorous and routinely practice of yoga you will realize that you no longer have to take decisions without thinking them through; yoga allows self-awareness which is a way to tell you that you always have an ample amount of time to make the right decisions, To think things through. One is more and more enabled to have a third eye vision of their actions and even their thoughts.

  1. Yoga makes you see and love your body:

When you practice the Asanas in yoga, you undergo a lot of physical pain and mental pain. When you are holding onto that pain for the resulting gain, you realize that the body that you despised so much is what helps you perform these difficult actions. That a little bit of movement can show you the different way in which your body can function and perform actions. The ability to perform these actions makes you respect the body that you have even more, because you realize that this is all you have with each passing day.

Yoga induces self awareness in so many ways, practice it to know it.

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