Here’s How You Can Ensure Hand Hygiene on the Go

Here’s How You Can Ensure Hand Hygiene on the Go

Hygiene is the number one factor when it comes to preserving health. In today’s day and age, protecting yourself from bacteria, viruses, and microbes is essential, this is made possible by maintaining good hygiene. Various health organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, NHS have been stressing enough about the importance of maintaining hygiene.

However, with today’s fast-paced life, maintaining hygiene and, more specifically, hand hygiene can be difficult. You are always on the move, and it becomes difficult to keep your hands germ-free. Not being able to maintain hand hygiene leads to the generation of germs and bacteria that could enter your body to be transferred to others. Poor hand hygiene could be the leading cause behind stomach flu, diarrhea, stomach infection, flu and much more.

Children at early age should be taught the importance of maintaining hand hygiene. This could be done by making them learn the correct hand wash steps with an anti-bacterial soap such as Dettol Hand Wash, that clean the hands thoroughly. However, one must wonder, what could be the instances in which hand hygiene should be ensured, here are just a few of them

  • While preparing, eating, and serving food.
  • Handling toddlers or infants
  • When dealing with wounds or administering medicine

Who Needs to Maintain Hand Hygiene

When illness strikes, it doesn’t see age, race, gender, or religion. It is simple, if you have poor hand hygiene, it will result in you falling sick. However, toddlers and old people should be given special attention when it comes to maintaining hand hygiene as they have weaker immunity. By working together, we can eradicate illnesses by maintaining hand hygiene and hygiene in general. However, today’s modern generation is always on the move, they need a modern solution to ensure that their hands are germ-free. Even though following hand wash steps are effective, a more “on the go” solution is alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It is also essential to use clinically acclaimed ones, such as Dettol Hand Sanitizer, that ensures that no bacteria or germs remain after use.

How to and How Much to Use

Hand Sanitizers are available in various pocket-friendly sizes that are easily squeezable and be kept with you. Squeeze out a dime-sized amount on your palm and rub your hands for 30 seconds. You will find that the sanitizer would have evaporated, leaving hands clean and germ-free. To get the best results, use products such as Dettol Hand Sanitizer and ensure that you are 100% safe from illnesses and diseases.


While it is crucial to ensure that all the hand wash steps are followed through for clean and germ-free hands, sadly it is not always possible. Today’s hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow us to wash hands due to the situation or place. In instances like these, a hand sanitizer comes as a knight in shining armor. A hand sanitizer is easy to carry, suitable for travel, easy and quick to use, doesn’t need water, and kills germs instantaneously. With such excellent prospects, hand sanitizer is a hero we all need in our lives. However, you must use an effective hand sanitizer to prevent illnesses, one of the most promising ones is Dettol Hand Sanitizer. It is recommended by doctors and clinically acclaimed for maintaining hand hygiene on the go.

Now nothing can stop you from maintaining and good health and preventing illnesses and diseases from spreading.

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