Indications of High Risk Pregnancy

Indications of High Risk Pregnancy

There are chances for pregnant women to go through adverse health conditions during pregnancy. Often high risk pregnancy is misinterpreted as complications in the growth of child, however this is not all. It also relates to the danger caused to the mother during pregnancy or during delivery of the child. This is one of the major reasons doctors remain vigilant and closely observe both the child and mother throughout the course of the pregnancy.

What Contributes To Risk in Pregnancy

Following are some of the factors presence of which causes risk in pregnancy;

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

If a woman is suffering from any of the above mentioned, it is essential to inform the doctor on an immediate basis. However to ensure the best care, the choice of the finest practitioners or high risk pregnancy doctors is important. Dr. Emeil Kamel is one of the best professionals in town who is well proficient and can be approached for high risk pregnancies.

  1. Lifestyle: Lifestyle is one of the reasons which cause high risk pregnancies. For women who are 35 years old and have habits of smoking or drinking, there are chances that they will go through health issues during pregnancy.
  2. High Blood Pressure: As discussed above, high blood pressure is another reason which increases risk in pregnancy. For women who have had a history of high blood pressure, there are increased chances of medical issues during their pregnancy.
  3. Risk of Multiple Births: With more than one baby in the womb, additional risk is posed to both mother and baby. There are few ladies who are able to take multiples till the end. In such a situation, it is always advisable by the gynaecologist to take extra precautions. Along with his/her recommendations, it is also a good idea to go through pregnancy books. Some books are specially written to make women aware of the risks and educate them to take precautionary steps.

Measures taken in a High Risk Pregnancy

Once a patient has been diagnosed of high risks, they are monitored closely throughout the cycle by their gynaecologist. In such cases women are advised to restrain themselves from sex or any rigorous activity which can have an impact on the child. Along with it, proper diet is also prescribed by the obstetrician ensuring that patient takes in good diet essential for maintaining health of both the kid and mother. In case, if the obstetrician feels that diet and regular checkups are not enough, they might also add a dose of injections on the patient to ensure everything goes as planned and the mother is able to deliver a healthy baby.

The growth of the baby and health of the mother is closely studied by the professional by conducting regular body checkups and also conducting ultrasounds. Ultrasounds are quite important to study the growth of the baby, and find out if everything is going as per planned posing no danger on both mother and baby.

Upon diagnosis of a high risk pregnancy, it is essential to approach the best high risk pregnancy doctors who are competent and capable of dealing with such pregnancies. With vast professional help available across the city, it is feasible to choose Dr. Emeil Kamel. He is a well-known professional gynecologist in the city experienced in high risk pregnancies and having a very high success rate.

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