Information You Must Know About Coronavirus

Information You Must Know About Coronavirus

The spreading Coronavirus must be taken seriously and should not be treated as a mere cold. It’s new and we have no defense to it. What steps should we take to avoid getting infected? Here we have listed a few things that we do at home.

Armor for All

As the virus was spreading, people flocked to drug stores to purchase N95 masks for sale. This was a bad idea since it turns out this should only be for those who are confronting the infected at the frontlines.

Hoarding medical supplies in this time is a selfish deed, it’s like going to war and civilians took all the guns and bullets while your soldiers have barely anything to arm themselves. This hoarding caused a massive shortage not just for n95 masks but hand sanitizers and alcohol. In some places like the United States, toilet paper was what a lot of people went for, oddly enough. Regardless, hoarding these resources prevent others from protecting themselves too so we should be considerate also for the needs of others.

No One is Safe

Remember that this virus is new and we are all defenseless to it. No one is safe, not even athletes and one would think that those people are the most physically fit people on the planet. So how much more for the regular folk with poor living habits.

Not All Masks are Made Equal

ac-n95-20pp-1a-n95If you look for N95 masks you’ll usually encounter two basic types. First is the flat fold type that has a rigid outer shelf with elastic hand straps which is easily adjusted by the user. Second is the molded type which comes as a shell-like structure that is evenly contoured to fit any face shape.

Wash Your Hands

Never underestimate the need to do so before and after eating. This will help keep the virus off of you and lessen your chances of getting infected.

Sanitize Your Home

Think of all the items inside your house that are commonly shared by all. Think of the things everybody touches such as doorknobs, TV remote, and light switches. Better start sanitizing those things.

Never Joke About the Virus

In some places, it is a crime to start a mass panic so claiming you or someone has the virus in a public place is in bad taste. This is similar to shouting there’s a bomb when there isn’t. The panic can cause people to stampede. In the case of the virus, people will become less disorganized and start packing like sardines, rendering social distancing pointless.


Having an N95 Mask serves as the first line of barrier to the coronavirus. So in light of this tragedy before us, we must remember to stay safe, keep calm, and be considerate to the needs of other people, especially those who are vulnerable and those who are working the frontlines. Contact us for more information on how to protect yourself and your family through CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) approved face mask.

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