Why is Invisalign Preferred More than The Other Dental Treatments?

Why is Invisalign Preferred More than The Other Dental Treatments?

Many of you must have seen different commercials on TV, and maybe you have a friend or relative who is getting their dream smile. Introducing the new technology in town and that is Invisalign at Burwood. If you are interested in making your smile better and achieving a dream smile of your own without wearing those visible metal braces on the outside of your teeth then you need to definitely go in for this.

A clear definition of it:

Invisalign is termed as a series of clear aligner trays which are quite similar to bleaching trays. These trays, in turn, help to move your teeth into the desired position. Each aligner here is worn for approximately two weeks continuously and thus moves your teeth into a slightly different position. The length of your treatment will entirely depend on how much the teeth have to be moved and what type of tooth movements need to be accomplished in order to make them straight. This type of technology requires an average treatment time for about 12 months. And all this depends upon the cooperation received from the Invisalign wearer and in this way it will determine the total length of treatment. These aligners need to be worn at least 20-22 hours per day if optimum results are required. If the aligners are worn for 16 to 20 hours per day, then the treatment might last 50% longer; so a typical treatment plan for 12 months might turn up to 18 months only due to less optimal wear time. In case the aligners are worn less than 16 hours per day, then you will definitely not get the desired results you are hoping for.

How does this treatment work?

Since each aligner has a different tooth position, then the pressure is placed on certain teeth each time whenever a new aligner is placed. The plastic material is retracted by one or more teeth, which makes it stretch and then return to its original shape. By the end of this, the aligner then pushes the teeth into a new position. When a new aligner is placed into your mouth, in the beginning, you will feel some sort of pressure in certain areas. After a few days, this pressure will disappear and the aligners will fit in correctly. This phase allows the bone and gum tissue to adapt to the new tooth position and requires a new aligner after the period of this phase completes.

With this treatment, one set of impressions is taken much prior before the treatment starts and a model is created to serve as the base for the entire treatment. This complete set of aligners is shipped to your Invisalign provider, and you are given a series of aligners at each visit whenever you have an appointment. It is thus very important for your provider to monitor the progress at certain stages and check if everything is well. One of the most important advances in the success of this treatment is the advent and refinement of tooth-coloured attachments which are placed on the teeth. The attachments have thus helped make complex treatments and more difficult tooth movements predictable and successful today.


Invisalign at Burwood is certainly the best treatment for treating different dental imperfections and if you are thinking about going in for this, then you must seek the services of Huntingdale dental center.

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