Affordable IVF Treatment in India Giving New Life To Couples

Affordable IVF Treatment in India Giving New Life To Couples

Myriad number of people around the world suffer from infertility, rendering them unable to conceive effectively. IVF treatment in India is a well-known infertility treatment option, preferred by several couples from abroad each year. India is one of the most popular countries for infertility treatment.

Nowadays Ahmedabad, India is turning into the primary choice of the people from other western countries to have their IVF in Ahmedabad according to the Indian standard they pay less than half what they are paying in their own countries for the IVF treatment.

Every year thousands of individuals with different health condition travel to India to get the best treatment from our renowned infertility specialist in cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and so on. Here are a few reasons why people from different nations travel to India to have their IVF treatment in Ahmedabad:

The affordable IVF treatment cost in Ahmedabad, India is one reason why infertile couples planning to conceive a baby travel thousands of miles to seek good quality treatment.

IVF Treatment

The cost of IVF treatment, however, depends on several factors. Some of these factors incorporate the following:

The quality of egg/sperms:

Low quality of sperms or eggs retrieved from either of the partners may trigger the requirement for a decent quality sperm or egg donor to makes IVF process a triumph.

Choice of city and IVF hospital:

The cost of IVF treatment in India differs from hospital to hospital and city to city.

Need for additional procedures:

Sometimes additional procedures, for example, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), frozen embryo transfer (FET) and testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) are required to make IVF treatment success.

Embryo freezing:

Sometimes couples may choose to freeze a few healthy developing lives (embryos) for later use. This service can be availed at an additional cost. The frozen embryos can be utilized later in life whenever the couple plans to have a child next.

IVF specialist:

IVF specialists in Ahmedabad, India who are profoundly experienced and skilled tend to cost a bit more than those who are new into the field of infertility treatment.

Why people prefer Ahmedabad for their IVF Treatment

The people prefer Ahmedabad for their IVF treatment because here they get the highest success rate of taking the baby home which is around 60 to 70% of the women under the age of 35 years and furthermore the IVF cost at Ahmedabad is very affordable that people of every class can easily afford the services and fulfill their fantasy of having their own child. Ahmedabad is a city where the infertility specialists offer a similar international quality of the treatment but at a reasonable cost.

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