Choose The Right IVF Specialist For Infertility Treatment

Choose The Right IVF Specialist For Infertility Treatment

IVF is the most effective infertility treatment. IVF treatment is a complicated procedure wherein egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside the womb, in vitro. This technique is useful for couples that are tired of other infertility treatment. The baby as the result of IVF is called test-tube babies.

Generally, IVF is a procedure where fertilized human eggs are transferred into a woman’s uterus. The woman’s eggs are first surgically removed from the ovaries and fertilized with human sperm in the lab and following 3 to 5 days of fertilization, the fertilized egg is transferred back to woman’s uterus.

A pregnancy test is conducted after one week to confirm pregnancy. However, for a successful pregnancy, it is important to choose the right IVF specialist that can provide you the best treatment. An IVF specialist is an embryologist who has some expertise in maintaining viable embryos after fertilization. The embryologist expert in the field of immunology is needed to handle immunity-related issues that may happen during implantation and the course of pregnancy. An Andrologist, A gynecologist, an Embryologist, complete the IVF team. A best IVF center has a collection of all these specialists to meet all requirements.

IVF specialist for infertility treatment

IVF is hope towards parenthood. There are several benefits of IVF treatment and these are as per the following:

  • Woman with blocked fallopian tubes may dream to conceive with the assistance of IVF.
  • It also helps men with low sperm count.
  • Weak sperm that can’t fertilize the egg naturally responds well to IVF.
  • If both partners are not able to produce a child, IVF treatment might be a great option for the couple. They can choose the choice of the surrogate mother as well as donor eggs and sperms.

A good IVF specialist talks about everything before preparation of In Vitro Fertilization treatment. Age is additionally a significant factor for this treatment. The success rate is lower in a woman aged over 40 years. Nonetheless, a woman under 35 years of a high rate of success. Sunflower Hospital is the best IVF center in Ahmedabad. By visiting the website, you can get all the information related to infertility, IVF cost, surrogacy & infertility specialist.

If you would like to know more about IVF treatment in Ahmedabad you can visit IVF specialist Dr. R G Patel. He is a Gynaecologist, Infertility, IVF and ART specialist, Director of Sunflower Women’s Hospital doing IVF, ICSI, ovum donation, and surrogacy for last 22 years.

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