Know When You Should Need Water Purifier Service

Know When You Should Need Water Purifier Service

A water purifier is an important appliance in your home as it is responsible for ensuring that your family gets access to good quality drinking water. It indirectly protects your family from a variety of health problems that could be caused by drinking contaminated water. To ensure that it continues to take care of your health needs, you must take care of its regular servicing or maintenance needs. This is to say that you must schedule a water purifier service before it reaches a stage where it fails to do its work properly.

But how would you know when water purifier service is required? For that, you need to look out for the signs that indicate deteriorating water quality. Some of the signs that certainly indicate a need for immediate action are:

  • Change in colour of the water
  • Change in taste of the water
  • A dripping or leaking appliance
  • Unusual sounds coming from the motor
  • Sudden malfunctioning of the machine

Regular Servicing

It is best to avoid a stage where you are facing more than one issue. Immediately call for a service technician and get the problem rectified. This can be avoided by getting your water purifier serviced regularly depending on the kind of filters that are a part of the system. The components of the appliance that need servicing are:

The Filters

There could be one or more kinds of filters in your water purifier. These need to be cleaned regularly and replaced when they are worn out. How frequently the cleaning and replacing needs to be done will depend on how much water they filter on an average. A small or nuclear family may not need to get the water purifier serviced as regularly as a large or joint family. Some of the filters need to be changed more frequently than others. Consult the manufacturer or dealer for better information based on the capacity and usage of your appliance.

Maintaining the Storage Tank

The storage tank is where the water gets collected after it has been purified and is free of all contaminants. If this tank is not clean, the purification process is a waste. To keep the water tank clean, it is important to avoid keeping the water stored for long times. If the purifier is not going to be used for some time, the tank should be drained after switching off the power. It also requires regular cleaning to maintain water quality.

Motor Maintenance

While the motor may seem to be a silent component, it works hard to ensure the working of the appliance. It also requires maintenance but does not need to be changed often. If there is a motor-related problem, you should call a water purifier service technician to look at it.

For the best utilization of your water purifier, it is better to stick to a schedule for regular servicing and request interim service in case of a problem and also if the usage of the purifier is much more than normal. Signing an annual maintenance contract ensures hassle-free and timely servicing and all other problems are also taken care of.

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