How to Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle

How to Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle

That’s right, you have worked hard to increase your muscle mass, but you cannot get those muscles that you have sculpted for months to be visible. During the definition period, you will have to exploit your potential to realize what your physique is like. For this, it is essential to establish appropriate bases to define the body without jeopardizing health. Both in training and your diet, you will have to follow some mandatory rules to lose weight without risk.

If you want to lose fat, the energy you consume will have to be higher than the contribution of calories. Therefore, defining the body consists of reducing the caloric intake in the diet and increasing energy consumption with physical exercise. Some will lose weight right away, while others will take longer to lose weight and will have to adapt their diet.

However, with ease, we can reduce muscle mass and lipids at the same time. That’s why today we leave some keys so that you know How to lose weight without losing muscle.

Why preserve muscle while losing weight

It is clear that when we lose body weight, we lose part of fat and part of lean mass within which we find the muscle. However, if we manage to preserve muscle and eliminate a higher proportion of fat, we will achieve not only a more aesthetic body but also an organism healthier.

Besides, it is essential to minimize muscle loss if we want to keep our metabolism active since the more muscle mass, the more calories we burn at rest. Therefore, the easier it will be to lose weight and reduce the risks of rebounding.

So, when we lose weight or seek to eliminate the fat that covers the muscles, it is essential not only to pay attention to oxidizing the lipids stored in our body but also to minimize muscle loss or maintain its proportions in our collection.

Although it is not an easy task to achieve, you can lose lode weight without losing muscle, paying particular attention to our diet and training.

How to lose weight without losing muscle: Keys to losing weight minimizing muscle loss

If you want to make the muscles exposed when you have eliminated a large part of the fat stored in your body, it is essential to take into account the following keys that will allow you to preserve the muscles while eliminating lipids from the body:

Tips and Tricks 1:

Produce a calorie deficit, that is, consume less than what you spend each day. It is enough to reduce between 500 and 1000 Kcal every day because a more significant deficit can “scare” our body. It will resist burning fat and, on the contrary, can eliminate muscles.

Tips and Tricks 2:

Instead of 3, make five meals! It is the method recommended by many nutritionists, which consists of eating more times a day instead of three large meals. Don’t worry. You can consider these other two supplementary meals as mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

The most effective means of increasing metabolism (that is, burning the calories the body ingests as an energy source) through food is to divide the daily caloric intake into several lighter meals and evenly spaced throughout the day.

In this way, digestion is increased, and the body absorbs nutrients and calories better, in addition to promoting the recovery process.

Tips and Tricks 3:

Losing 1% of body weight per week, as at this rate, the body loses more fat. It also minimizes muscle loss while losing weight suddenly ensures a more significant loss of lean mass and a short-term rebound effect. So, if you weigh 80 kilos, a reasonable loss is around 800 grams or less per week.

Tips and Tricks 4:

Do aerobic and moderate-intensity training to burn fat. Or train at intervals going from moderate intensity to high intensity in a short time.

Tips and Tricks 5:

Ensure proper intake of lean protein in your daily diet, in a way that favors the maintenance of muscle mass without adding unnecessary fats or calories. For example, you can consume yogurt or skim milk, low-fat meats, fish, or egg whites.

Tips and Tricks 6:

Intensively train your muscles so that they retain their activity and, thus, do not lose volume or strength, just the opposite. Also, we must not forget that muscles are necessary to burn fat, therefore, train your muscles with high weights and loads if you want to support your lean mass while losing fat.

Tips and Tricks 7:

Eliminate empty calories from the diet that will only add energy and will not facilitate the achievement of a caloric deficit. In other words, it tries to avoid sugar and the foods that contain it, as well as avoiding alcohol, which in addition to adding calories, prevents fat burning.

Final Words

With these Tips and Trickss on how to lose weight without losing muscle, you can achieve your goal of having a healthier and aesthetically attractive body because you will keep a good shape and more tone thanks to the muscles still present in your body.

Remember that when you lose weight, it is not only essential to reduce the kilos shown on the scale, but it is vital that those kilos are mostly fat and not muscle.Lose Weight

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