How Massage Can Help Relieve Stress

How Massage Can Help Relieve Stress

There could be many reasons for stress to set in. it could be moving a house or switching jobs. We have all felt it. The problem does not lie in occasionally stressful days but it is the daily stressors. For Stress Awareness Month, we take a look at the effects of stress and the ways to unwind yourself from stress.

The smartphones that we use are great. But they lead to overwork and constant contact with outside stressors, like Facebook and other social media. While we don’t take stress as overly harmful, but to tell you the fact is that it can break havoc on our bodies as well as minds. The researchers have found out that the conditions that can be caused by stress are as follows:

● Headaches
● Fatigue
● Sleep problems
● Anxiety
● Irritability
● Inability to focus
● Depression
● Restlessness

But to the relief of everyone, the massage therapy has proven very beneficial to the ones who suffer from stress. The effects are so excellent that there is a tremendous hike in massage seekers across the world and the western countries in special. Every one out of six persons is seeking massage therapy. According to a study by Massage Therapy Association, the number is constantly on the rise as more and more people are seeking massage therapy the world over.

But how does massage therapy works?

There are a number of ways that massage therapy works on our body. Apart from the massage itself, our stress relief comes from

● The relaxing environment
● Aromatherapy
● And not to forget the healing hands of the passionate practitioners.

Generally, tantric massage therapy environments are made to encourage relaxation.The low lighting paired with comforting and soothing light music allows you to disconnect from the outer world and your electronics so that you can unwind and truly focus on the present. You are forced to disconnect from the chaos of your daily routine and are settled completely into the charm of the soothing world of a massage parlor.

In addition to the soothing environment, massage centers offer aromatherapy as an additional feature to help you relax and focus on healing.

The aromatherapy is so effective that they have created their all-natural proprietary – relax blend, specifically designed for relaxation and stress relief. They have utilized a blend of sweet orange, lavender, and ylang-ylang as active ingredients for the massage and aromatherapy blends.

● Relaxes over-active minds
● Provides euphoric effects
● Antidepressive benefits
● Antiinflamatory benefits

Then there is the massage itself. The massage therapy is known to:

Reduce the stress levels by 30%

Increase serotonin and dopamine by 28 and 21%

Along with the rebalancing of hormones, massage therapy releases muscle tension. Whenever you feel stressed your muscles tighten in response and when the stress ends, your muscles relax. But if the stress is constant then it is likely that your muscles remain slightly or permanently tensed. If you are stressed for a long time then your muscles are tense for very long and need relaxation badly. If it continues, then you may feel joint pain, headaches, and neck pains until it is resolved.

Through this message, we advise you to leave yourselves into the hands of experienced therapists and get rid of stress and headaches, neck pains, tensed muscles, and other problems of stress. Your shoulders will relax and your muscles will be loosened. Whether your massage therapist rubs, strokes, stretchesor applies pressure, our goal is to relax muscle groups.

We all are leading busy lives in the increasingly busy and stressful world. But at the same time, it should not affect our physical and mental health. We are too blessed to be stressed, stop suffering, and start seeking relaxing solutions. Visit a good massage parlor and submit to the expertise of the masseurs. And have a good massage and feel the stress melt away.

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