How To Take Care of Your Medication During Pregnancy

How To Take Care of Your Medication During Pregnancy

There are a lot of things that you need to take care of, during your pregnancy. Starting from your health, routine, feeling- everything plays an important role in shaping your child’s physical as well as mental health. Of the many important things that you need to specially focus on, taking the right medication is something that you have to take particular note of.

Why is medication so important?

Did you know that pineapple is a fruit that is best avoided during pregnancy since it might cause severe diarrhoea amongst many other complications? Similarly you should also know which safe medicines for pregnancy are for you and your child’s health. If you take the wrong medication then that might lead to serious trouble, resulting even in congenital defects in the child! Some might result in natural abortion, or others might give rise to problems and complications that take a lot of time to resolve. While some medicines are advisable, there are others which are a strict no no during pregnancy. Thus if you want a healthy and happy pregnancy with minimum amount of complications, then you will need to take the right medicines.

How to know which medications to take and which ones to avoid?

Well, when it comes to medications and whether they are safe for you or not, the best option is to ask your doctor. The doctor will be able to give you an explanation as to which medication might harm you or your baby. You might be allergic to some chemicals or there might be something in a medication that you have been taking for a long time which might harm you when you are pregnant. So a doctor will be the best person to tell you which ones are okay for you to take and which ones you should avoid.

Some problems like nausea, morning sickness, diarrhoea, cough and cold are fairly common and there are certain medications for them which we all know about. However when you are pregnant consult your doctor first and then take the medicine. Just because you have been having it for a long time does not mean that it is safe for you to have during pregnancy either. Thus you will need to ask your doctor first and then take it.

The problem get a little bit more complicated if you are on medications for more serious diseases like nervous disorders, epilepsy etc. Whether these medication for pregnant women are good or not is a very doubtful question. They might harm the child which in turn might result in congenital defects. But that does not mean that you will stop taking the medications because that might prove to be all the more detrimental. In such cases the doses of the medicine need to be altered and monitored very strictly to minimise any possibility of harm to the mother and the baby. This again is an issue which is best solved by a doctor.

Thus if you are taking any medication during your pregnancy, for whatever reason it might be, do consult your doctor first!

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