Guide on Natural Birth Control Uses, Effectiveness, and Disadvantages

Guide on Natural Birth Control Uses, Effectiveness, and Disadvantages

The natural birth control process is cost-effective that is considered based on the cervical mucus examination, body temperature, and calendar rhythm. But, this method is no effective as other contraceptive methods. Most people have used it to find it quite tricky. Moreover, we are living in an advanced world where it becomes tough to carry this method. We all are generally into the tendency of forgetting and cannot adhere to follow tricky rules.

One of the disadvantages of this birth control is that it can be complicated to estimate and use correctly, and the relationship must be avoided at a particular time of the month. Many times, ovulation kits are used for detection of the peak timing, and the cost of these kits are expensive. So, this is another essential disadvantage of natural birth control.

What Do Doctors Say About Natural Birth Control?

Would you like to know what do doctors say about it? Here, we are going to emphasize it. Let us check it out in a detailed manner.

  • This natural family planning process is mainly on observations about the woman’s menstrual cycle.
  • As per Best Gynecologist in Marathahalli, it is one of the ways that can help you in natural birth control but not as effective as contraceptive methods.
  • With this method of natural birth control, you do not have to make unnecessary visits to the doctor.
  • Apart from this, you do not have to worry about medication or any hormonal manipulation.
  • But, there are times, when it can be difficult to estimate precisely if the woman is having a fertile period.

Talking about the significant benefits of natural methods include some points which have been mentioned below –

  • Cost savings – You would not have to dependable on other medicines or treatment. It can help you to save a vast chunk that you might have to spend on buying birth control stuff.
  • Lack Of Prescriptions Or Health-Care Visits – Yes, this is also said that you would not have to worry about the prescription. You can live your life as usual. You would not have to visit your doctor at all.
  • Avoidance Of Medications Or Procedures – You will not have to take medicines or undergo any procedures since it is entirely natural.

Talking about the significant negative effect of natural methods, it could be quite tricky to go correctly every time. Moreover, avoiding sexual intercourse could be tough at particular times of the month. 

Natural Methods of Contraception –

Natural methods of contraception revolve around “natural” since any sorts of the mechanical process are not used in that. Moreover, it is also not a result of hormone manipulation. To make a natural method successful, a man and woman need not get into sexual intercourse during that particular time tend to be fertilized by a sperm easily. FAM stands for fertility awareness methods based on knowing that when women ovulate each month. It means it is required to emphasize the signs as well as symptoms indicating towards ovulation supposed to occur or already occurred.

Generally, the egg is released within 14 days before a woman’s next menstrual period. The egg only can survive 3-4 days, and the sperm could last 48 to 72 hours. It needs to mention that the actual time a woman may become pregnant is measured in weeks, not in hours or days.

The fact cannot be ignored that FAMS could be quite useful, but it needs enormous attention. As per the study, it could be 98% effective. But it would not be helpful if continuous and conscious commitment, along with considerable monitoring, is not done. Apart from it, self-control is also needed since you cannot lose it if you want to let it go successful.

What could be quite helpful for a woman that she does not have to be dependable on medication or hormonal manipulation? Apart from it, you would not have to rely on the physician. The new age people do not believe in it since they do not find useful as some form of contraception. Apart from it, they do not agree with the fact that they probably have to avoid having sex during certain times of the month.

Natural family planning has its benefits and disadvantages. If you go with natural family planning, then you have to identify the signs and symptoms of fertility while having a menstrual cycle so that you can quickly go ahead to avoid pregnancy. If you want to go with natural family planning method, you need to measure the length of your menstrual cycle; you have to measure the body temperature of your body on a daily basis and the changes to your cervical mucus. Since you have to keep so many things in mind irrespective how much busy you are already going on, most people do not prefer it. They find other options much better than this. Natural Family Planning Method needs a lot of patience and determination.

Conclusion –

Make sure that you have discussed with your doctor before taking any pills or drugs. Your doctors always suggest you the best.

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