Nighttime Habits of Cats

Nighttime Habits of Cats

Late at night, when everyone in the house is sound asleep, your cat has other plans. Fluffy has mischievous intentions on their mind – may be digging into the garbage and finding a few mice to chase around. But what is it about the nighttime that makes cats so hyperactive? A local vet Rochester, NY can explain their nocturnal activities.

Cat Nature

Cats in the wild hunt for food at nighttime, so it makes sense that their domesticated relatives do the same. Your cat may feel the need to thoroughly inspect underneath the bed. And inside the kitchen cupboards to make sure nothing is lurking. The prey target that your cat is obsessed with is likely out and about in the wee hours of the night. Your cat will use the cloak of darkness as the opportunity to try to catch it. If you notice your cat being super active late at night, discuss it with your veterinarian Rochester, NY the next time you’re there.

Time to Eat

Have you ever been awakened in the middle of the night by your growling stomach? You went into the kitchen to fix something to eat, right? Well, cats sometimes get hungry at night, too. While everyone else is asleep, Fluffy is up and ready to sink her teeth into some food. Don’t be surprised if your cat starts making a ton of noise to get your attention to wake up and feed it. And if you don’t wake up, then don’t be surprised when your cat takes it upon itself to hunt for its own meal. If you have any questions, a vet clinic Rochester, NY can explain the nighttime behavior of cats.

Presence of Vermin

If your cat is active at night, it might be a sign that there’s a mouse or some other type of vermin present. That vermin might also choose the late night to make its presence felt. Naturally, it’s in your cat’s nature to play exterminator and sniff out the foe. If your cat seems to be focused on one particular area of the house, it may be for a reason. Inspect that area and if you find a nest of vermin, give your cat a pat on the head and a special treat. Be sure to tell the staff at your local animal hospital Rochester, NY. And all about your cat’s exploits the next time you’re there.

On Guard

Some cats relish their role as protectors, especially when late at night. If your cat perches by the window at night, it may be keeping a close eye on the yard. This is to make sure no uninvited visitors trespass on the territory. If you notice anything suspicious about your cat’s nocturnal behavior, be sure to mention it to your veterinary clinic Rochester, NY.
Some cats go ballistic at night, causing them to have peculiar behavior. If you notice anything strange about their nocturnal behavior, discuss. It is with a professional at your nearest pet clinic Rochester, NY.

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