Olive Oil For The Face What Properties Does It Have?

Olive Oil For The Face What Properties Does It Have?

Olive oil is a fat that comes from the fruit of the olive tree, called an olive or olive. This is 100% oily, so it is not surprising that in many beauty treatments olive oil can be used for the face, especially if we are talking about dry or dull skin.

Being a natural remedy, it does not have the drawbacks of using chemicals on our skin, which are present in other products that we can buy on the market. This product is composed, for the most part, of  natural fatty acids that contain various vitamins such as A, E and K. All of this improves both our physical appearance and internal health.

Uses Of Olive Oil For The Face

The Golden Virgin Pro is not only suitable as food, although in this way are also clear benefits. Thanks to its innumerable characteristics and antioxidant, regenerating and moisturizing properties , this type of oil was already used as a beauty treatment in Ancient Egypt.

Since then and until now, Mediterranean households have always chosen to buy olive oil both for their own consumption and to use it as a cosmetic product. Not surprisingly, it is usual to use it in soaps, lotions and body milk.

Olive Oil: Incomparable Moisturizer

Thanks to its high content of vitamin E we can take advantage of its moisturizing properties. This product will be very effective, especially for those who have dry and cracked skin.  Using it as a moisturizer for the face is very simple, you just have to apply it every night several times a week to get light up your face and achieve much smoother skin.


Another benefit that we find in olive oil and that makes us want to try it on our face is that it  works as an anti-aging agent.  Using it on our skin will restore the shine of yesteryear, take on a much softer texture and give it elasticity. All this thanks to its fatty acids and vitamins A and K.

Repair Product

The  olive oil  has a huge repair capacity. By using it on our skin constantly, we will be able to rebuild damaged tissues such as spots or wrinkles that are very difficult to remove with any other artificial product. It is especially good for the eye area.

Make-Up Remover Use

If we want to show off radiant skin without a trace of makeup, we cannot forget to use olive oil for this purpose. It is enough to soak with a few drops a fine cotton ball and pass it over the entire face, especially in the area of the eyelids, to eliminate any trace of impurities. In addition, it is a good product for the eyelashes, since it strengthens them and makes them not fall out and grow stronger.

The Best Olive Oil For The Face

All of them will give us that aspect that we want and will nourish us, making our skin absorb all the properties. But is there a guy that stands out as the best?

The olive oil extra virgin is the most recommended for this purpose. This type of oil is extracted from the best olives, has the highest purity and can boast that its qualities, both nutritional and organoleptic, stand out above all others.

Remove Stains From The Face With Olive Oil

A widespread use thanks to the properties of this type of oil is to use it to remove skin blemishes.  With the passage of time, the sun and other external agents, we can get to have these annoying spots on our face.

The most effective way to eliminate them is to combine the oil with lemon , a whitening product that will help hide them. Mixing natural products we will get quality cosmetics that are also effective and economical. Knowing how to highlight all its properties, we will not have to buy any face mask again. The key is to know how to mix these ingredients.

After using the oil with the lemon to lighten the skin, we  can always exfoliate it by adding a pinch of sugar or salt. This will help remove impurities and look perfect skin after any treatment we have used.

In short, using olive oil for the face is something that has been done for centuries. Now, with the rise of chemical cosmetics, we can recover this habit to show off the best skin without having to exceed our budget every month.

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