How To Win With The Right Orthodontics Expert In Brunswick, Melbourne?

How To Win With The Right Orthodontics Expert In Brunswick, Melbourne?

If your teeth are not aligned with our jawline or don’t look right. You should see the Orthodontics Expert at the Moreland Dental Surgery Clinic. Our experts will not just take care of the problem at hand! But they will also make sure that your overall dental health is kept under control.

The wide variety of services that you can access within the Orthodontics department is suitable for children, teenagers and adults. For children and teenagers though, the chances of having uneven teeth or wrongly placed teeth is higher as they are in a constant state of growth. If you make sure that you take care of such a problem before it becomes stable, you can save a lot of time and finances along the way. Plus, such an aesthetic issue can sooner or later generate health problems.  You can fix such issues with clear plates, clear braces and white wires, as well as the latest stainless steel self-ligating bracket systems. These are the latest techniques in the industry and the most appreciated ones.

Our main specialist, Dr. Tim Gazelakis, was trained and educated by prestigious teachers such as Dr. John Witzig, Dr. Skip Truitt, Dr. Hans Bimler and Dr. Derek Mahoney. Plus, he continued to perfect his techniques for over two decades, reaching a level of professional perfection that can only bring his patients high-quality results.

The most important aspect that needs to be considered when it comes to orthodontics is facial harmony. As long as your teeth, jaws and smile are in perfect harmony with the rest of your facial features, the orthodontics procedure is considered to be a success. At Moreland Dental Surgery Clinic, we make sure that this is the type of outcome you will get by the end of your appointment with our specialists.

At Moreland Dental Surgery you will find advantageous prices and professional services that will encourage you to take care of all the orthodontics problems you might have. But there are certain conditions that the patient needs to meet before accessing these services.

So, the patient shouldn’t present one or more of the following dental conditions:

  • Poor dental hygiene.

    If you are not taking care of your teeth properly, orthodontics procedures might create complications. So your doctor will tell you to establish a good hygiene before any type of intervention.

  • Active caries

    These problems have to be taken care of first hand before starting any orthodontics treatment. Our specialists will give you the best guidance in making the most out of your orthodontics treatment. So that you won’t have to suffer any unpleasant side effects.

  • Lack of motivation

    To take care of your dental problems.

Some treatments require more than one appointment and the patient needs to respect the schedule as well as the indications that the doctor gives them. Most patients do the mistake of visiting their dentist when they feel pain! Which is considered to be too late to fix a problem in the best way. But if you go from the first signs that something is wrong, chances are you won’t have to suffer so much and the costs will be significantly reduced as well. Contact our Dental Surgery Today!

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