Why Do People Wear Contact Lenses?

Why Do People Wear Contact Lenses?

Contact Lenses Having good eyesight is important to accomplish everyday tasks such as reading and writing, recognising people’s faces, among other things. People work and live better if they can see better. That is why several optical solutions have been developed to improve eyesight.

For those with a poor sense of sight who find wearing glasses to be taxing and burdensome, an alternative to keeping your eyesight in tip-top condition is contact lenses. Different brands are available in the market. They are easily attainable and relatively inexpensive. Products like Clariti contact lenses offer different options that provide the customer with utmost eye care. After all, wearing contact lenses is one thing and taking care of it is another.

Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

As a medical device, contact lenses need to be carefully and properly handled. More often than not, all types of lenses need to be prescribed by an ophthalmologist. Since ophthalmologists have the proper knowledge and credibility, they are better equipped to ensure that a patient’s eyes are well cared for.

Although wearing glasses is a viable option to improve eyesight, contact lenses have several benefits that corrective eyewear lack.

  • They Are Non-Obtrusive: Contact lenses are directly placed on the eye, so everywhere the person looks, the lens follows. Both the lens and the eye move in sync, making it more natural to see. Unlike glasses, lenses have no frames, so there is nothing obstructing one’s vision and periphery. 
  • They Do Not Fog Up: One of the benefits of contact lenses is that they do not get fogged up or get rained on. It feels like it’s part of the body. Often, the wearer does not even feel it is there, which adds to a certain comfort and security level. 
  • They Are Ideal for Sports and Movement: Wearing glasses on the field or the court can be dangerous to the person as it can pose a health hazard. Contact lenses, on the other hand, don’t pose such threats. Well-fitting and reliable brands such as Clariti contact lenses are best used during physical activities because they stay in place regardless of dynamic movements. Moreover, for games under the sun, some contact lenses provide eye protection as well.
  • They Make People Feel Good: Sometimes, people can feel conscious about wearing glasses. But lenses allow people to flaunt their most natural appearance without any barrier. They can feel more confident and more themselves when they wear contact lenses. Plus, there are colour options to choose from, which ultimately gives them simple yet creative ways to express themselves. 

How to Use Contact Lenses Properly

As advantageous as they are, contact lense also require thorough care. Since it is so natural to wear, people tend to forget that it’s there. They end up doing what they’re not supposed to. To get the best possible results with contact lenses, every user should take note of the following guidelines.

  • Avoid Any Water: Pools, rivers, lakes, oceans, and other watery destinations should be avoided. They contain chemicals and other substances that might be harmful to the eyes, especially with one wearing contact lenses. Also, bathing and showering while wearing lenses are not advisable because soaps and shampoos can irritate the eye. When cleaning contact lense, do not use tap water or saliva.
  • Avoid Sleeping With Lenses: Dryness and reduced amounts of oxygen can cause infection in the eye. When one sleeps with lenses on, that’s what happens, especially since the eyes are closed. When this happens, there’s a high chance of bacteria manifesting in the eye, resulting in irritation.
  • Always Pay Attention to the Eyes: before putting on contact lense, every wearer should thoroughly wash their hands. Later, when they go about their days and feel a bit of discomfort in the eye, they should immediately address it. It could mean that there’s dirt or dust underneath. Or when they feel their eyes becoming dry, perhaps it’s time to rinse the lens with a solution. 

As much as there are benefits to wearing contact lenses, there are also precautions that people need to take into consideration. Taking care of the eyes can be meticulous but overall rewarding. Good eyesight can make a world of difference. 

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