Does Pesky double chin worries you?

Does Pesky double chin worries you?

Nobody loves walking around with double chin as it is mistaken for excessive weight and unhealthy lifestyle. However, in America alone, these hundreds of people suffering from the condition, and they do not know what to with it.

We have good news for you since we have natural remedies to Pesky Double Chin that do not involve costly surgery sessions or therapy.

You can try the simple techniques at home, and you are assured of getting rid of the chin so effortlessly and enjoy every moment.

Before giving remedies on how to lose your double chin, it is vital to check on the causes of the double chin to provide you with information on what you are fighting. Lots of factors are known to be the principal causes of a double chin and getting an understanding is helpful on the best methods of getting rid of the condition.


Age comes with lots of problems, and one of the critical challenges is sagging skin. When you have lots of loose skin on your face especially on the chin, getting a Pesky Double Chin is inevitable. It is the appearance of a sagged skin on your lower chin that is commonly known as a double chin. As you advance in age and hit your late 40s, you are likely to experience this problem even after living a healthy lifestyle.

Weight and Diet

Here is where the majority of double chin patients fall. The majority of people suffering from the condition have a problem with their weight which is contributed by poor diet. When you add to weight problems with age, the problem gets compounded and becomes tough to combat.

Taking foods without considering their nutritional value and calories especially processed foods rich in calories, leads to weight gain. Besides, excessive consumption of alcohol is yet another problem as it causes the body to convert a significant portion of the foods you take into fats.


Some of the people with double chin have it because of their genetic structure. Such people will have the problem even after consuming a balanced diet and without consideration of the age factor. Thus, if one is suffering from the condition, it is essential to check your family history and get to find out if members of your family especially your parents are suffering from the same and you will be able to find out if the cause of your problem is genetic age or a lifestyle issue.


Well, posture has proven to be a leading cause of double chin, as your posture either weakens or strengthens your neck and chin muscles. If you adopt a poor position especially at work, you will become a culprit as your muscles around your neck weaken and eventually sag.

 Simple Remedies for Losing a Double Chin

While scientists have conducted research and proposed complex strategies of losing your double chin, you can target the strength of your face and neck muscles by simple exercise and proper diet. Working up the muscles is quite essential, and you must be assured of eliminating your double chin without risking your health further. your double chin will disappear without much hustle.

Weight loss

The majority of people having a double chin, weight is the main contributor to the problem. Nonetheless, you cannot target to lose weight on a specific body part. As such, it is essential to choose your diet, and general body exercises correctly, even such exercise could also help you reduce cellulite, Strengthen your muscle and improve overall body posture. Losing weight generally will make your look better and improve your facial appearance. Finally be consistent with your exercise and diet to ensure you have a sustainable weight loss journey.

Warm Up

The first trick to reducing your double chin or eliminating it is found in being consistent with your exercises and conducting safe practices to avoid injury.

Always engage your neck and facial muscles by gently rotating your head from down to the bottom and forward to back. Engage your head in circular motions both clockwise and anticlockwise. The circular motion stretches your jaws and in the process strengthens muscles around it. Engaging in the circular movements warm up your muscles before rigorous exercise. Besides, the activities are essential after heavy workup sessions to preserve the health of your muscles.

While at The Ceiling

Whistling while facing the sky is aimed at strengthening muscles around your neck to counter hours spend at the office glued to the computer. To engage in the exercise, sit back with your shoulders relaxed in a comfortable position.

Lean your head in backward position in a position that you are facing the ceiling. While at the posture, fold your lips like you must be whistling. Besides, relax the lips but should be tight to cause contraction of muscles on the two sides of your neck.

Hold yourself in the position for as long as comfortable and repeat it ten times before going to bed.

Kissing the Sky

It has similarities to kissing the ceiling but has some distinct differences. You stand straight with your shoulders and arms relaxed. Position your head to look at the sky and pucker your lips to kiss the sky, and stretch them as far as possible from the sky.

When you get it right, the muscles around your neck and chin will get flexed yet comfortable. Hold the position as long as comfortable and repeat approximately 20 times. These two exercises must strengthen your muscles and skin causing a sharp decline in double chins.

Ball Squeeze

Though this exercise does not target muscles around your neck, it is vital in reminding you to engage in the two activities above even when you are in the office.

Sit Straight Up

The next step towards getting rid of your double chin involves practicing excellent sitting positions. Sitting upright will not only strengthen your jaw muscles but strengthen your muscles around the jaw.

Besides, it is vital in preventing the build-up of muscles around the chin.  Thus, get yourself a perfect sitting posture, an excellent working chair, and office desk to ensure chin disappears.

Chewing Gum

Always keep your jaws moving by getting yourself a sweet chewing gum. Constant exercise of your jaws is essential in strengthening your facial and neck muscles.

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