Build Your Reliable Practo Clone App With Us And Become The King Of The Healthcare Industry

Build Your Reliable Practo Clone App With Us And Become The King Of The Healthcare Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic, as we all know, has had an adverse impact on the healthcare industry and the many patients who need regular medical treatment for various conditions. But, people are afraid of visiting the hospital to availing any medical service due to the ongoing crisis. Also, the need for medical care has also increased at present. The Coronavirus is known to exhibit several symptoms such as cold, sore throat, fever, etc. These symptoms are also common for flu and other viral or bacterial infections. Due to this similarity, even a normal cold or bad throat is instigating fear in people. 

The main agenda in people’s minds was, “How to avail of medical services without visiting a hospital? On the other hand, healthcare sectors and doctors are looking for ways to provide medical care to their patients. In order to fulfill the complete medical needs of patients and the doctors effectively, the online healthcare app came into the frame. Patients were able to avail of medical services instantly from their homes and avoid the fear of contracting the virus. Doctors were able to offer proper care to the patients who needed it. These telemedicine apps have been a success ever since its launch due to various benefits it offers to the doctors, patients, and business owners. You can also venture into the healthcare industry with a Practo clone app solution built by the best developers in town – Appdupe.

Few stats that showcases the success of healthcare apps:

  • After the outbreak season, almost 60% of people prefer to obtain medical care via telemedicine apps rather than physical doctor consultations. 
  • A US-based telemedicine app, Teladoc, has around 43 million registered users. 
  • Forrester Research stated that the US expects around 1 billion online doctor consultations this year alone.
  • A Chinese app called Ping, a Good Doctor is witnessing around 730,000 doctor consultations per day. 
  • Another app called Amwell had had a spike in the number of downloads by 400% in the lockdown season. 
  • As per the survey conducted by UpDox, a US telemedicine startup, around 51% of people are preferring to opt for online consultations after the lockdown period also. 

Top three advantages of a telemedicine app:

The online healthcare app provides three major benefits that doctors, patients, and app owners enjoy. 

1. User convenience:

Patients can get access to medical services instantly without contracting the virus. Also, they can save on their travel expenses and obtain services at nominal prices from their homes.

2. Instant medical services:

Doctors need not visit their clinics or hospitals in order to provide medical consultation to patients. They can offer services from the comfort of their homes. An app will also help them render an increased number of consultations and earn more. 

3. Multiple revenue sources:

By launching an online telemedicine app like Practo, a business owner can generate revenue from several sources such as advertising, commission, etc. with the right service, you can establish your brand quickly and sustain in the telemedicine market for a long period. 

Standard features of a Practo clone app:

The healthcare app we build will have three panels and respective features. We will ensure that the set of attributes we provide will enable a smooth app experience. A few such features are mentioned below:

User app: 

  • Quick onboarding
  • Review doctor profile
  • Push notifications
  • Scheduled appointments
  • Chat facility
  • Upload medical records
  • Reviews and ratings

Doctors app:

  • Powerful dashboard
  • Build a profile
  • Availability slider
  • Accept/decline appointments
  • Access to medical records
  • Digital prescriptions

Admin panel:

  • Quick login
  • Access to user data
  • God’s eye view
  • Manage records
  • Sub-admin creation
  • Manage ads

Wrapping up:

As mentioned earlier, venturing into this industry can be done effortlessly with the Practo clone app built by our experts. Approach our team, discuss your ideas, and we will come together to deliver solutions that will well establish your healthcare brand in the market. Contact us via call or mail now.  

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