How to Protect Your Eyes From Air Pollution in Delhi NCR?

How to Protect Your Eyes From Air Pollution in Delhi NCR?

Air pollution is a curse of the modern world. It is a serious concern that is increasing day by day. And if it continues to increase at the same alarming rate, the world we know will pretty much become a smog-covered realm within the next decade.

One of the major concerns due to air pollution is eye issues besides breathing problems and issues related to the respiratory organs. Smoke, smog and air pollutants of different forms can harm your eyes seriously and can also permanently damage your natural lens. With the rise in the pollution level, people are facing issues such as dry eyes, itching, eye rashes, allergic reactions and burning sensation. Air pollution also causes blurring of vision that may give rise to poor eyesight over time. 

Reasons For Air Pollution In Delhi NCR

Delhi ranks highest among all the cities with an increased level of air pollution. And crackers of Diwali festival are not the only reason for air pollution. The hazardous pollutants come from industrial wastes, fumes of vehicles and factories, emission of certain gases from chemical industries that release toxic pollutants into the atmosphere. Thus the pollution level in Delhi NCR has reached its peak and it has to be checked immediately.

Air Pollution And Eye Conditions

Some of the major eye problems that people are facing are:

  • Blurry and watery eyes.
  • Burning eyes, discomfort.
  • Sore eyes.
  • Redness and allergies.
  • Swelling and itching.
  • Dryness and the vision feel cloudy most of the time.

Eye Care Needed To Counter Air Pollution

One must take proper precautions to stay safe from the effects of air pollution like smog and other air pollutants. In case you start seeing certain eye conditions as mentioned above, it is high time you see an eye specialist soon. Get advice from the best eye surgeon from Delhi to treat the conditions triggered by air pollution.

Apart from that, there are few effective precautions that you may take. These are:

  • Always avoid getting exposed to harmful polluted areas. Stay indoors when the air pollution level increases especially during the dawn and after any festivals such as Diwali.
  • When stepping out of your house, use a scarf and sunglasses. Always get dark coloured, protective sunglasses to keep your eyes safe from the polluting effects of the air. 
  • It is important to wash your eyes thoroughly with clear water every time you get back home from work. 
  • Never rub your eyes with dirty hands or when you are outside your house. 
  • Avoid using contacts and makeup items if your eyes are itching. Makeup and contacts will worsen the condition. You may use contacts only if your doctor asked you to do so. 
  • To treat dryness and allergies see a doctor and get a lubricating eye drop. 

When To See An Eye Specialist?

One of the main causes of eye allergies these days is air pollution. If not treated properly, allergies may turn into inflammation of the cornea. One must consult with an eye specialist to treat if conditions like conjunctivitis, very dry eyes, inflammation and contact lens intolerance appear all of a sudden. 

If someone has pre-existing dryness or allergies, the condition will worsen with exposure to air pollution. In such cases, one must not delay consulting with a doctor. There are several eye hospitals in Delhi where patients can treat eye conditions from air pollution. But it is advisable to go for the most trusted and reputed place for the eye checkup.

Air pollution is a big issue that people are facing these days. It will take time to reduce the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. People can only hope to see a better and clean environment in the days to come.

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