Raising The Elderly’s Standard Of Living

Raising The Elderly’s Standard Of Living

Reaching a stage of life, where even walking from one room to another makes you dependent on a caregiver, can be quite stressful. The hindrances in body movements and the inability to communicate effectively calls for certain facilities to be arranged for the elderly.

From arranging the necessary equipment for moving around to installing the appropriate fixtures in the bathroom, everything is important. It is for numerous reasons that you need a comprehensive system of all the essentials and luxuries deployed in the house and you need to consider each one of them keenly.

The Bathroom Essentials

Since the aged members of your family find it hard to move swiftly, you need to ease their stride and provide the elderly people the safest environment to live in. And so, the one place your seniors need their safety ensured is the bathroom. Here are all the elderly bathing service individuals that you need to guarantee their safety.

  • Grab bars
  • Gripping tape
  • Handheld shower head
  • Toilet safety frame
  • Raised toilet seat
  • Bath lifts

Installing Bath Lifts For The Elderly

Bath lifts are necessary equipment in every elderly person’s bathroom as they serve all-around safety and comfort in one item only. This multipurpose tool comes in the form of a raised, upright positioned seat that is leveled with the top of the bathroom wall. The purpose behind installing it in the bathroom is to allow the elderly to sit in one position take a bath with all the safety in the world. It enables them to move the legs and feet around with complete freedom and no fear of falling down. Not to forget, it grants the elderly all the independence of bathing without someone standing alongside for support.

Choosing The Right Bath Lifts

When it comes to getting your elderly peers the right bath lifts, there are a lot of aspects that you need to consider. Here’s all you need to look at when you go out to buy a bath lift.

  • Get your hands on the battery-powered bath lifts to take advantage of automation and the facilitating features that come with it
  • You need to look for the right size by measuring the bath lifts’ dimensions and bring home one that is in line with the tub’s sides
  • Consider the weight of the person you are purchasing the bath lift for as their capacities vary and accommodate a certain weight for effective functioning only
  • Choose the recline feature according to your suitability and enjoy the comfort of washing and shaving the legs in different positions
  • Examine the bath lift for its quality and purchase from a trusted vendor so a compromised form of this tool doesn’t pose a threat to the elderly’s safety

Benefits Of Using Bath Lifts

When it comes to taking good care of your aged peers, their bathroom visits need to be covered comprehensively.

Ease In Bathing

A major advantage of installing a bath lift in your bathrooms is that it serves a combination of both independence and convenience to your elderly family and friends. Once these two boxes are checked off, bathing becomes extremely feasible while giving them a sense of freedom as well.

Automated System

A bath lift is can be feasibly controlled through a handheld device which makes it quite easy for the carer or family member to move the elderly in and out safely. There’s not much you have to do when the remote can operate all the movements without the slightest of inconveniences. And so, this particular technological enhancement is a lifesaver for numerous households today.

High Security

Apart from the support and comfort of using a bath lift, another feature that ensures their safety is that the machine won’t start if there is not sufficient power to move the individual into it. Such is the utility you get from installing this all-important equipment in your bathrooms.

Light On The Pocket

One of the main advantages you get out of using a bath lift is that they are extremely cost-effective. Instead of setting up a walk-in bath, you can simply get your elderly members a bath lift that will serve you all your intended purposes and that too at the least cost. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for elderly people nowadays.

Bath Lifts Targeting The Medical Conditions

A plus that you get from using bath lifts is that they cater to numerous medical conditions where there’s a dire need for tools like these. Here, you read through a few conditions that a bath lift covers.

  • Osteoarthritis patients can have their joints’ pain eased by having a bath lift lower them down in the tub containing warm water
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease can make it hard for the elderly to get in and out of the bath. However, bath lifts come as the ultimate saviors in such a situation
  • Bath lifts work best for Spina Bifida which is a lower limb ailment which makes tough for an individual to lower themselves or rise from a depth
  • Managing the uncontrolled motions and the inability to balance in a condition like Cerebral Palsy can become easier on using bath lifts
  • Motor Neurone Disease can be cured by bathing independently and with more confidence as it impacts mental health greatly
  • In case of having swollen or painful joints in a condition like Rheumatoid Arthritis, a beth lift can make moving into and out of the bath much convenient

The Final Word

With the rapid technological advancements paving way for every industry to grow beyond boundaries, the medical field is at a boom as well. Its expertise in providing medical coverage to all genders, ages, and illnesses are making people’s lives much easier today. One privilege that the elderly members of our society are getting relaxation from today is a bath lift that grants them all the privacy and freedom of bathing on their own. At present, its comforting features are becoming more familiar around the world. Hence, there’s no doubt to the fact that every household with an elderly person needs a bath lift greatly!

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