Reasons It Might Be Time To Visit An OBGYN Clinic

Reasons It Might Be Time To Visit An OBGYN Clinic

Maintaining Reproductive Health

Modern medicine has made it more possible for women to maintain reproductive health over the long term, and through the many stages of female development. However, you do want to be proactive, and you want to visit your gynecological obstetrician for the right reasons. Following we’ll explore five scenarios which predicate visiting an OBGYN.

1. If You’re Pregnant, Or Thinking Of Becoming Pregnant

When you want to have a baby, it’s wise to check with an OBGYN so you can assure your body is capable of handling pregnancy. Most women will be in good shape, but some may have genetic issues that cause complications. Others may not be properly proportioned to handle pregnancy—very petite ladies can sometimes have a lot of trouble in delivery.

If you’re already pregnant, you should definitely have a gynecologist check you out to assure there aren’t any issues you didn’t know about which may impact you as you carry the baby to term.

2. After Intercourse

It’s best not to be promiscuous, period. Granted, many will tell you otherwise, but the truth is, you can’t trust even the best partners. Many of them look very good on paper, and they tell you they’re clean—but you find out later, after you’ve sustained a yeast infection or UTI, that they weren’t playing straight with you.

Whenever you have intercourse with someone for the first time, it’s a good idea to visit your OBGYN. What’s best is finding one partner and staying with them; even protective measures like prophylactics can’t stop all venereal diseases. However, this isn’t something that many in the modern world can bear. So if you’re sexually active, be sure you’ve got a good gynecologist available.

3. Irregular, Interrupted, Or Unusually Painful Menstruation


Irregular menstruation could be a sign of pregnancy, or it could be a sign of reproductive issues that include such conditions as cancer. Sometimes you’re not properly healthy and this impacts menstruation—as is the case with anorexia. Unusually painful menstruation could be the fault of reproductive issues as well, so if you’ve got any problems in this area, see an OBGYN.

4. For Mammograms And Pap Smears

You will need regular mammograms and pap smears; especially as you advance in age. It is worthwhile to schedule such examinations into your regular health regimen throughout the year just to assure you’re not “sitting” on any issues that may prove especially impacting down the line.

5. To Acquire Birth Control That Matches Your Body

All women are unique, and so require different sorts of care. A gynecologist like those available at this OBGYN clinic in Dallas can help you determine what specific sorts of birth control solutions effectively align with your personal bodily chemistry. Different women have different issues—that’s one reason so many birth control methods exist. An OBGYN can keep you from putting yourself in danger.


While birth control can help you keep from getting pregnant when you don’t want to, the way this is done (at least with some birth control methods) is through impacting your hormones to “fool” your body into thinking it’s pregnant.

You’ll see your breast size increase, but other collateral factors that aren’t so positive may additionally accompany this hormonal supplementation, so be careful and consult an OBGYN.

Keeping Yourself Healthy In A Complex World

Certainly, for thousands of years women did without the services of an OBGYN; but owing to gynecological professionals, many women can live longer, happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives. So though you may not ever need an OBGYN, it’s better to consult one at intervals for issues like those described here than to totally avoid doing this.

For birth control, pap smears, mammograms, issues with menstruation, post-intercourse questions, pregnancies, and the prospect of a pregnancy, it makes a lot of sense to have an OBGYN available.

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