Review Guide for Uwell Caliburn G

Review Guide for Uwell Caliburn G

We talk about the taste on vapor, and conclusions after use. An interesting sub-system from Uwell is on review today – Caliburn G. This is essentially a continuation of the popular Uwell Caliburn G kit   at one time, which many liked. In the review, we will test the vaporizers and tell you about the taste and vapor that this gadget is capable of producing.

Review Guide for Uwell Caliburn G


Design and built quality of uwell caliburn G:  

Uwell Caliburn G Pod is made of aluminum alloy and plastic. Available in 6 colors: rosy brown, green, gray, red, black, blue. Equipped with a board that delivers up to 18 watts. Powered by new UN2 evaporators. It can work automatically from auto-traction and from the fire button.

Uwell caliburn A2 has also taken the market and internet by storm because of its sleek design. No wonder everyone including myself is using uwell vape products. 

Uwell Caliburn G

Technical Blueprint: 

Following are the technical details of the product for tech savvy people

  • Provides output power: up to 18 watts,
  • Large Battery capacity: 690mAh,
  • Pod Tank volume: 2 ml,
  • Maximum charge current: 1.5 A ( due to low ohm resistance of the coil ) 

Salient Features

The dimensions of the cartridges have been modified, so they may now not same from the old model. The frame is also made of obvious plastic. The mouthpiece has emerged as wider by means of about multiple mm. there’s a refueling hollow beneath the removable drip tip.


The uwell caliburn pod holds 2 ml. For the new cartridges, we decided to use replaceable evaporators from the brand new UN2 line. The set consists of two pieces on a 0.8 ohm grid(coil). but inside the commands, you could additionally discover a mention of a 1 Ohm fecral changer. possibly they’ll seem a bit later. Coils are inserted from below with the handiest one side and are hung on the o’rings.


The frame is still made of metal, but the new device has an embossed lining. In comparison to the previous generation, the thickness has increased due to a larger battery capacity. We can see contacts, a tightening sensor, and a little slot within the cartridge compartment. We obtained a step adjustment of the tightening – tight and free – thanks to him. There are additional small cuts around the perimeters for monitoring the liquid stage and blow holes. A hearth button and a logo with a fee indicator can be seen on the front side. The button is composed of metallic embossed material. The flow is slow, but the click is audible. The percentage indicator is also well-known – up to 60%. 

Putting caliburn G through testing: 

A 50/50 liquid containing 12 mg of ordinary nicotine was utilised in the studies. On a “tight” putting, we receive a really good MTL that reminds me of Uwell Yearn. And fixing the loose one is a little easier than the distinctive Caliburn. In each scenario, the vapour is hot. And the flavour isn’t horrible because of the grid; it hasn’t changed much from the prior model. Because the new mouthpiece is wider, it isn’t always as easy to use as it formerly was. The older model’s top filling was also more convenient and resulted in less fluid leakage. In the container, the cartridges are quite closely packed. However, there are concerns for the carrier’s survival. 

Wrap Up:

Everything inlife  if it’s living or nonliving, comes with pro’s and con’s. Likewise, uwell caliburn  has its own advantages or disadvantages. First I will start off with its advantages.  

Handy Advantages:

  • It is easy on hand due to its unique design
  • Best MTL vape for flavour chasers 
  • Comes with the option of replaceable coils 
  • Adjustable airflow through manual button

Handy Disadvantages: 

  • The thing which the whole community didn’t like was its small battery size. 
  • Some experts say that the cap of the cartridge is too tight to open which in the long term would break or free the cavity. 

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