Root Canal Treatment – Much Better Experience Now

Root Canal Treatment – Much Better Experience Now

There was a time when people used to visit the dental clinic 4 to 5 times to get their Root canal treatment (RCT) done. Now, we do single sitting root canals in a lot of patients when conditions are favorable.

There was a time when people slowly started losing faith in RCTs because of some failures after 4-5 years. But now RCTs have become a piece of cake. (Actually, Bread and butter for dentists).

So, what changed? Does your dentist make use of all the latest advances in this field? Let’s look at some of the fantastic advancements which have made the life of a dentist and the patient, much much better. Best Dentist in Hyderabad offer the best disease treatment.

Over Filling

Root canal treatment (RCT) involves cleaning of canals which are present inside the tooth. A good root canal treatment would require cleaning the canals right till the apex (base/root end). This is accompanied by flushing the canals to thoroughly disinfect them. Once this is done, a special filling is used to fill the empty canals right till the end of the root (apex). It all starts with local anesthesia (injection), some people are afraid of pain but the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as conscious sedation has reduced that fear to a great extent.

Digital x-ray is not a new thing but still, there are many clinics in India who still use conventional x rays. Both of them serve the purpose, but a digital x-ray is clearer and is ready in just 1 second. If needed, the doctor can shoot an extra x-ray if it is not clear on the first shot. Magnification Loupes and microscopes have made it easier for dentists to locate the openings of the canals, which is not a tough job for an experienced dentist. But, in some challenging cases, it definitely helps.

Short Filling

The function of an endomotor is difficult to understand for a layman, but it has changed the way RCTs are done in a big way. Traditionally dentists depend on their tactile sensation (feel of the hand) to reach the end of the root, since a dentist cannot see the end of the root with the naked eye. Although a good x-ray can surely be used to confirm whether the end has been reached or not, it can increase the duration of treatment and unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Perfect Filling

In this sense, Apex locators can improve the efficiency of a dentist in a drastic way. This machine indicates whether the dentist is close to the apex, exactly at the apex or going beyond the apex. The apex locator acts only during the cleaning of the canal not while filling it. This sometimes leads to underfilling (filling not reaching the apex) or overfilling (filling extruding out of the root end). If the cleaning of the canal is done to perfection by the apex locator, the filling is also perfect in most cases and just needs confirmation by x-ray.

There are many other smaller technical advances, but the ones mentioned here, are very important and the dentist you choose for your root canal treatment in Ahmedabad must have these armamentarium in their clinical setup.

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